Differences between living room and sitting room

Similarities but also differences

Some people think that there is no difference between living room and sitting room.

Well if you look through a dictionary, you will discover that living room is synonymous with sitting room. But this is not exactly right.  Most of the people think that the same room was called sitting room at the old times and now tends to change in living room.

Maybe there are a lot of similarities between them but there are also a lot of differences.

First of all, the living room must be the biggest room in the whole house and positioned next to the dinning room as an extension of it or next to the main entrance whereas the sitting room doesn’t have to be so big room and also can be placed anywhere in the house, but it serves more when it is located near to the kitchen because it is a place that all the family can relax there.

The living room, just like the dining room, is the place that hosts all of our visitors and guests for entertaining and socializing. The main component that the living room has to include is a sofa set. The sofa must combine the elegance with the comfort. Other components are a center table, an armchair and a TV table. Other decorative items, like portrait, floor lamps etc. are added according to the owner’s preferences.

From the other side, in the sitting room we can place any furniture that can be useful for us. Because of the simplicity that is setting apart from the living room you can find bookshelves, fireplace, poof, home-cinema, sound system and computer desk as part of the decoration. There is no limit in the decoration of this place because it has to serve all the activities that can be based in this room. Some of these activities are reading, watching TV, listening to music, surfing, eating, playing table games and talking.

The accent of the living room has to be grave no matter the style that you choose (modern or classic) because this place is used more in formal cases whereas the sitting room has to be simple because is used more for the daily activities of the family.

The colors that you will use for the wall painting or for the furniture’s making of the living room have to be appropriate to the accent of the whole house whereas in sitting room tend to use light and pleasant colors independently the accent of the rest home.

When the sitting room and the living room are located in the same place then you have to make a nice mix and combine all the above in a harmonious way so that you can have two in one.

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