Child’s Room

The child’s room is the personal place of the children. It is the place that they can play, they can dream and they can build their own world. It is their asylum. So take a good care to make it as cozy and functioned as possible.

The basic mistake that most of the parents are doing, is that they fill the room even before the child is born! And this is a mistake because the furniture of the child’s room must be appropriate to their age:

Baby’s born

When a child is born, the only furniture that you need is a cupboard for its tiny clothes a cradle and a small place for its personal care. Also the color of the walls, tends to be very light. It would be perfect if you would choose furniture that will grow up with your child.

Start walking

Growing up your child, starts to walk. This is the most dangerous age and you have to pay big attention to the safety of the room. At this age, children are very susceptible to fall down. Also in this age, they try to touch anything they can reach! So at this stage of their life you have to prefer furniture with rounded corners so that to avoid head butts and high shelves for the things that they must not touch.

Leave them enough space to play and teach them easy ways to put their plays in order by themselves. A nice solution for this activity is the use of plastic boxes which help them to separate their plays.

It’s time for school

Well, it’s time for your child to go to school and doing homework. Now it is time to choose a nice and practical desk. In our days there are a lot of synthesis ideas which will make the child’s room more functional and its reading more pleasant.

Keep in mind that from now and then you will be coming to face a big problem: lots of books.

So don’t focus only on aesthetic part but also in practice. Find a synthesis that will be composed of lots of cupboards and drawers as well. At the beginning of the school years the child needs a place to read as much as a place to play. Try to combine both needs in the same space.


The final and the most difficult stage of a child’s life is the adolescence. At this age they try to discover themselves and they need a more private place. Their necessities now are different. Girls need to have a special place for their cosmetics, whereas boys need to have a special place for their CD’s and their hobby’s items. Both of them, probably, will love to occupy with internet services so they have to have a place for their P/C as well.

As you have noticed, children’s interests change with the passing of the years and if you want to avoid any kind of agreements involve them in the decoration of their room and include their interests and their opinion so that to achieve the best result for them. Ask them about what color they prefer, about the position of the furnishing etc.

 How old is your child and which are its necessities?

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