Relax in your Sitting Room!

If you refer to a dictionary, and look after the word “sitting room” you will find a lot of synonyms like: living room, front room, common room, lounge room etc.

So, it’s clear that the sitting room has a lot of meanings according to the use.

Some people think that sitting room and living room is the same space. Well, they are not completely wrong whereas there are some differences. For more details about that you can find here.

The sitting room is the place where we relax, we socialize and we settle down from the daily stress. Is one of the rooms that is hosting of all the family but also our visitors. So it has to be spacious, comfort and functionality.

Sometimes a sitting room is also called as the front room, if it is placed near to the main entrance of the house. In these cases the main sitting room is called “living room” or “salon” and is decorated in formal style. To differ a sitting room from a living room the first one must be decorated in a simple way.

Usually a sitting room concludes of sofas, of a coffee table, of TV furniture and in some cases of bookshelves.

For this room you have to pay attention of the sofas. They have to be very comfort and cozy. You don’t have to fill this place with furniture. Instead of this you could fill it with a lot of pillows. Use small pillows for the sofas and big pillows for the floor. Believe me that, especially when there are children as members of the family in the house, you will love big pillows because they like to lay back and to watch TV instead of sitting on the sofa.

For some people sitting room takes the position of the dining room because they like to stay in front of the TV, eating, drinking and socializing. So if you belong to these types of people, you have to choose very carefully the coffee table that you will customize to your sitting room.

Regarding the colors of your sitting room, I suggest you to use plenty of colors so that to make the atmosphere more bright and pleasant. To achieve this you can play with the combinations between colorful images, curtains, drop cloths, pillows and other decorative effects.

Lighting is also important for this room, as if a lot of times the members of the family use this space for reading. Sun light during the day but also relaxing light during the night will offer  you a pleasant surrounding area.


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