7 Low Cost Decorating Ideas!!!

The decoration of a home is a personal issue.

Special color preferences, space oddities, economic difficulties or square limited abilities, compose a scene that diversifies the decoration from home to home. In nowadays there plenty of decoration magazines that provide a lot of ideas about how to decorate a home from the interior to the exterior spaces.

The question is: who can buy new decorating elements every once in a while? From the one side, the refreshing of your home is a great idea, but from the other side it may be much painful for your pocket. Today I am going to give you some gorgeous decorating ideas for your home where you don’t have to spend a fortune.

All that you need is your imagination and maybe some euros in your pocket. If you are interested in some of these projects the only that you have to do is to click on the name of the site and you will be immediately driven in the original source so that to watch the whole process.

320* Sycamore blog

Decorating a wall with mirrors is magnificent. Especially when they are hung in an asymmetrical way and they are painted different colors they are able to give an aesthetic renewal to your space.

Centsational Girl

Do you have the habit to throw away the wine bottles or are you conscious of the environment protection and you keep them in case that you use them in another way? If the second part of the question is what represents you then this project is for you. If you want to replace your old vases, you don’t have to spend any cent because this project shows you how you can create new vases using old wine bottles.

The House of Smiths

Are you bored of your ten years lampshade? Well now is the right time to change it as if this project shows you how you can make it easy and cheap. Your only obligation is to choose your favorite fabric and you have it!

Young House Love

Maybe because of the Spring, this idea caught my eye and not only it is very simple to implement it but also it will give you the opportunity to fill your home with color and fresh air for this season.

Just a Girl

Book shelves are always necessary in a child’s room. The way to make them is very easy while you have the choice to change the color according to your room’s color hues.

All Things Thrifty

Canvas is the new trend in the world of the DIY projects. This is a great way to fill an empty wall and create a complete composition of your favorite photos while they will be protected from the dust and the time. The process seems to be easy enough and the result is going to blow you away.

Not Just a Housewife

This is a rustic photo frame that could certainly fit in a vintage or in a rustic style space. If you have a garden then it will be easier for you to make it as if you can collect a lot of these sticks to cover the frame. As for the result you can enjoy it!

As you can see it is very easy to create different decorative elements in very low cost or sometimes with no cost. Your imagination and your temper are all that you need to transform a space into a paradise.

I hope you got enough inspiration and ideas to make your unique and awesome project.

Really, which project did you like more?


3 thoughts on “7 Low Cost Decorating Ideas!!!

    1. Thanks for your comment! I cannot imagine, how, our life would be without color….! I love color and I use it for my home and for myself too!!!

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