Spectacular Mansion in Frankfurt!

Hollin and Radoske, the two German architects, are responsible for the construction of this spectacular mansion. It is located in Frankfurt close to Grüneburgpark. The characteristic of this villa is the way that the two floors are connected each other.

The second floor is an enormous block that is laid in vertical position of the first floor and this creates the image of an angular building. The exterior walls are limited unlike the plenty of the floor-to-ceiling doors that cover the biggest part of the building’s sides. This has as a result, the much more brightness and lighting of the spaces but also the uncountable relaxing moments, of the owners, thanks to the unplugged view of the green coverage that is hugging the villa.

The existence of the walls in the interior is also discreet as if the ground floor is designed as an open floor plan and the separation of the kitchen from the dining and the living area is based only on the furniture.

On the ground floor there is the kitchen, the living and the dinning room while the staircase that is situated behind the fireplace is leading to the first floor where there are hosting the guest room, the cloakroom, the bedroom and the bathroom.

The villa’s style is based on simple and modern lines while the use of the materials such as Macassar tinted glass, white marble and designed furniture are adding a luxurious splash to the total of the mansion.

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