About me

Hello, everybody! Let’s get to know one another!


A few words about “imagine your homes”

Would you like to find out where did the name of my blog came from? Well, it’s simple! I got inspired from my imagination of a new home! Yes, exactly this. Right now I live in a 100square meters house in a populous neighborhood. Anytime I open my windows the only I see is buildings. I don’t have my privet parking and the most important I don’t have fresh air.

Ok, I am not complaining because at least I don’t pay for any rent. But to be honest I would like to move in a bigger house with a small garden where I could enjoy my coffee. I love the houses with gardens and open view. Every night, I close my eyes and I dream how my new house will look like! Illusion? Maybe! But the dreams are free, right? The idea for the “imagine your homes”, came through this illusion.

Now, what are you going to find in this blog? You can find any kind of information, tips, advices, ideas and proposals around the house. It is a source of decoration for every home. The purpose of this blog is to make you (my readers) to imagine a new world…. A new home! Just like I do! Thank you for reading until here and I hope you enjoy your surfing between my posts!

If you want to discover more about me please keep reading…..

I am honored that you want to hear more about me! Well, permit me to introduce myself! I am Eleni and I am the only writer for “imagine your homes”. I come from Greece! I am 31 years old and I am stay-at-home wife and mom of two lovely girls 4 and 7. I love my husband because he is always by my side, trying to offer me and to our girls, everything that is possible. I also adore my two little princesses because they are the reason that I breathe! Oh, I could write a lot of pages about them but I suppose that you will get tired, so I stop!

This is my family! My Hero with my two little princesses!


What about, Eleni?

For 7 years, I have looked for an opportunity to do something by myself. So I decided to make this blog.  And this blog is mine! It is where I can plan, I can dream, I can write and I can imagine my world.

I have studied designer of architectural buildings and 3d visualization. Decoration is my passion and I finally found a way to occupy myself with this. I like to get informed about the new tenses and to communicate with highly regarded designers and decorators. I find this part of blogging magnificent! I love to read magazines and books because this is a way to get inspired! I love to hear music because this is a way to relax and I also love my bike because this is a way to escape from my daily routine.

Here are some 3d designs of me:


A 3d visualization view of a kitchen!


This is a condo in 3d view!

eleni3 (2)

This is a detached house in 3d view!


Another kitchen’s project!


A kitchen’s project as well!

I like that I get involved in this blogosphere and I will do my best to remain here if God permits it! Yes, I believe in God and I also believe that anything that happens to us is not accidental. There must be a reason!

So, that’s all me!!! Nothing more….. Nothing less!

I am a woman like all of you. I have to clean my house, to cook everyday, to help my daughter with her homework, to run for the family obligations, to be a worthy wife and to be a blogger! I love all of you and I hope you will love me and my blog as well. Thank you for spending your time to read about me. I hope it was worthwhile for you!

If you want to contact with me personally, here is my e-mail address: eleni.fitsaki@gmail.com

If you like my blog, give a “like” also to my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/imagineyourhomescom

If you like it so much that you want to get informed about the last posts, click on the “follow” button that you can find it on the right side of my blog!

Feel free to leave any kind of comments, questions or advices. Help me to become better and be sure that I will answer you, one by one!

And remember: “Everything you can imagine is real” -Pablo Picasso. So, imagine your homes and make it real!

Thank you in advance!


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