What is 3D visualization

Visualization is the 3d representation of the buildings or other designable objects, with the use of computer electronics, with an exact representation of the materials the colors and the lighting, based on a two dimensioned design (2d design) of the object. The visualizative descriptions are, in our days necessary for the architect, the civil, engineer, the designer, the decorator and the individual. Facilitate the student to understand and improve his work providing at the same time the possibility of the control and the finality of the colors, materials and the aesthetics of the work. So, reduces the costs of the changes and the reparations during the building of the work.

Here are some examples of the 3d visualization.

  3d representation of a kitcen – designed by Eleni

 another 3d representation of a kitchen – designed by Eleni

 3d representation of a condo – designed by Eleni

  3d representation of a two floor home – designed by Eleni
  photo by stockfreeimages

The 3d visualization is very useful and offers to us a lot of advantages. If you are interested to find out how a 3d representation of a building, of an interior or an exterior place or even of an object, help us click here!


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