What does Visualisation offers to us?

Visualization is the realistic representation of an object, of an interior or an exterior place of a house or of a professional place. It is without doubt a useful instrument of any kind of study –architectural or decorative. It’s like taking a photo of our place –either inside or outside- before even having completed the construction of the building. This is a benefit not only for professional designers but also for owners in both cases the benefit is one and unique: nobody spends an area without being sure of the result.

What does visualization offer to us?

Every professional or owner using visualization can:

  •  Avoid possible technical problems
  •  Avoid aesthetic deficiencies so in interior as in exterior places
  •  Better take into account the analogies of the object and to add or to subtract decorative elements
  •  Better take into account the functionality especially in interior places

For example, if an engineer has put an extra opening (door or window) on a wall, which aesthetically isn’t correct, then they will need more time and money to rectify it. So why spend our time and our money if we have the possibility to avoid it?

Let’s see now what is needed for a realistic representation.

In order to be able to design a realistic representation of an object or of a building we need to have a base on which will stamp the 3d design.

This base is a design –in Cad form- of a floor plan of the object, the room or the building. This -2d design- either regards the architect or the decorator must include the exact elements with the dimensions of the perimeter of the place but also the dimensions of the interior places which compose a house or a professional space.

In case that a construction is composed of more than one floor, then, the floor plans of the rest floors are necessary. Also altitude differences, as long as they exist, have to be indicated.

For example if in a house there is a room (kitchen) that it is located two steps higher from the rest of the house this is called altitude and the level that is located has to be reported (0.60).

Unless there is no design, in Cad form the designer can accept any printed or manuscript design on condition that the exact dimensions are contained and with some of your help he can also undertake the electronic design of your floor plan.

From the moment that the design programs like AutoCAD are developed and the 3d representation is discovered, visualization became a necessary instrument in the hands of the architecture, the engineer, the designer, the decorator and the individual.

photo by Eleni


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