An Apartment in Tribeca, of New York!

Never before an apartment was so thrifty and at the same time so exquisite like this one in Tribecca, of New York. The interior designer, Vanessa Deleon, has designed the apartment with a finest way impressing with the modern design and the result is shown in the photos below.

The designer has maximized the space utilizing every corner of the apartment so that the daily routine of the owners to obtain aesthetic and functional meaning.

The prevailed colors are the gray and the black on the furniture and on the walls whereas the light color of the wooden floor makes the difference and complete the aesthetical total, setting down the decorative proposal. The rugs that are chosen to decorate and to warm the spaces are some of the elements that steal the glance of the observer while the numerous naked and large windows make the apartment more bright.

The living room is composed of a corner sofa and two armchairs in a modern style while the baroque coffee tables that give prominence to the space, are conformed perfectly with the whole scene.

The dining room is imposed on the space with the minimal line and the abstractive character while the six chairs hug the dining table and look like inviting the visitors in a friendly dinner. The sideboard is a clear choice that it has a  mainly functional than a decorative role serving the daily needs of the owners.

Figuring the space and understanding the needs of the apartment, the designer has chosen to replace the kitchen table with a counter and the four stools that complete the daily needs. Considering the limited space of the kitchen, the solution of the counter serves also as an auxiliary surface for the cooking experiments of the owners.

A small room has been chosen to work as an office. The decoration of this space does not diversify from the rest of the apartment as if the black color of the furniture and the gray color of the rug are combined properly and harmoniously.

The master bedroom has nothing to envy from the other rooms as if it is also decorated with taste and special attention.

The abstraction and the simplicity is obvious also in this corner of the apartment. The metal furniture and the black wall as background add a particular splash in this empty space.

As you can see if someone affords imagination and style can very easily transform a small apartment into a world of inspiration and functionality.


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