A Stunning Residence in Stuttgart in Germany!


A residence at the edge of a forest is coming to “break” the quiet of the green and to create a different landscape of the nature. With the signature of the architect Alexander Brenner, the villa is built in Stuttgart in Germany and covers the 970 sqm of the plot.

The modern and minimal style of the house doesn’t prevent to emerge the luxury that distinguishes it. The asymmetrical design and the unequal shape of this construction surprises pleasantly the observer.

The exterior place of the house is surrounded with a green “sheet” which is interrupted from stone to engrave the path that leads to the interior of the house.

Entering the villa one can meet a commanding dining table in extra large size. Above the table are hanging two funky lamps that are fixed on the second ceiling of the building. The natural lighting of the dining area is coming first of all from the floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall openings but also from the skylight on the second level of the building.

The enormous opening in the dining area provides boundless lighting to the space but also the possibility of the removal, as if it opens up at right-angle, so that the exterior space to come together with the interior and to create the sense of a seamless place, for the hot days.

The benchmark of the house is the fireplace, as its smart construction offers a lot of storing space at the bottom so that to accumulate there the woods needed for its flame.

Pretty much, in the residence prevail the abstractive mood as if it is decorated with the absolutely necessary furniture while whatever needless is missing. However, the villa is equipped with the most contemporary facilities like the pool, the spa area and the sauna so that to offer uncountable moments of relaxing to the owners.


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