Do You Have Window in Your Kitchen?

Do you think that the window in the kitchen is a blessing?

Well, I would like to have a window in my kitchen….

Sometimes I feel that I am so ungrateful for all those that I have. I always want more than what I have today. I live in a house of 100 square meters. It is not so big but also not so small and a lot of times I catch myself thinking: “I would like to have two bedrooms for my children” or “I would like to have a bigger house” or “I why not to have a garden” or “it would be great to have my private parking for my car” and so on…! Am I asking so much? Probably!!! And this is just a monologue, because after some seconds, I answer to myself: doesn’t matter, what everyone has is good!

If I say that I would like to have a kitchen like this, would it sounds irrational?


Maybe you think that I am a bit covetous, no? I feel so! And why I feel that I am covetous? Because, I haven’t spent not even one Euro for the house that I live now and not only I am not satisfied but I also complain about this and that. I am going to be more concrete! If you read the about me page, you will find out that I come from Greece. The Greek people, like a lot of countries have some customs. One of our customs is that the girls that are going to get married must have their own house. So, when I got married my house was the present of my father. I just took the key and I entered! You must be wondering now, why I am telling you all these?

Because I still would like to have a kitchen like this:


As I mention at the begin of this post I live in a medium sized house on the ground level of a family condo. It is composed of a kitchen, a living room connected with the dining room, a bathroom, two big bedrooms and one smaller that for now is my office. The left and the right sides of my house are attached to other condos. You understand now that the natural light that enters in my house comes only from the front and the back side of my house. What about the middle rooms? In the middle of the house are placed my kitchen and my office. The kitchen is separated by a low wall from the living room and the dining room. So the only source of the sunlight is from there. My office is another story!

Oh, I wouldn’t say “no” even for this one!

I don’t care so much that I have a small kitchen because I really find it very cozy. What I cannot really stand is that when I wake up the morning I have to turn the lights on so that not to trip in the chairs. Moreover I generally like to gaze out of the windows. I am thinking that if I had a window in my kitchen I could stick my nose in it, the rainy days. I love to drink my hot coffee and to look the rain drops falling on the window.

Exactly like this one:

If you overlook my obsession about the view, there is another obsession that comes to support the previous one. And this is the fresh air! I suppose that not only my kitchen but the most of yours as well, are drowned of the variety of smells because of the daily cooking. I personally avoid frying fish because of the smell that is remaining until the next day! Having windows is blessing finally! And I have only four! Two on the front side and two at the back where, our bedrooms are located.

Isn’t this kitchen more colorful?

What about the decoration part of the point? If you have a window in your kitchen you can add more color to your monotonous and one-color place. The curtains are a necessary decorative element in every place in every home. If you are bored of the same image you just change the curtains and that’s all. You give a new look to your kitchen!

Take a better look at this image!

This is what I want! I need a shiny and with a breath of fresh air place for my kitchen and for my desk. And this photo looks imaginary to me. Am I wrong? What a better way to combine cooking with e-mail answering. Like this you don’t miss anything.

I have to spend a lot of hours in front of my computer, as a stay-at-home woman and blogger, but besides this, nobody is going to have lunch, if I don’t cook. So,  I have to do both at the same time or to prepare the lunch, from the previous night! I am not going to analyze now how I spend my day at home because this is in my future plans to do!

It was really nice to share my thoughts with you! I hope that you enjoyed this post as well! Do you have a window in your kitchen? If you don’t have, would you like to have one as much as I do? Please feel free to deposit your thoughts, just to feel that I am not the only with this obsession!

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