Comfort and functionalism

The living room has to be the biggest room of a house as if plenty of times  hosts a lot of people. Is the place that represents the owners hundred percent and the place that the visitors meet first. It is the image of the whole house and for this reason you have to take care of its decoration.

Watching television, listening to music, reading, socializing, playing table games, eating are some of the activities that are based in the living room for the whole family and their guests. So it’s necessary this place to serve all these activities.

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Some people think that there is no difference between living room and sitting room.

But this is not exactly right. Well if you look through a dictionary, you will discover that living room is synonymous with sitting room. Maybe there are a lot of similarities between them but there are also some differences.

The living room must be the biggest room of the house, as if it is destined to host a lot of people and not only the family. For this reason the configuration of the furniture is very important. The right position of the living room is next to the dining room or near to the main entrance, as if both rooms are destined to welcome our visitors.

The basic furniture for the decoration of this room is the sofa (mostly separate in two-seat sofa and three-seat sofa) that can form an angle or they can be put one opposite from the other. The main table must be at the center while smaller tables if they exists, can be at the corners. If there is a fireplace or TV furniture, these must be visible from any sight of the living room. Today considering the revolution of the technology you can find a lot of synthesis about your home cinema, your music system and your fireplace to choose the most appropriate for your space. To complete the furnishing of the living room you can put also an armchair that will give a rectangle form in your space. Other accessories like as portraits or floor-lambs can be added according to the owner’s preferences.

The accent of your living room must be grave and formal no matter if the style is modern or classic. Sometimes when the squares of the house are plenty, the owners decide to customize the biggest room for the living room and the smaller one in the sitting room. In this case, is more important to give a different style to each of them so that to separate their uses. Usually the living room is decorated in formal style whereas sitting room in informal style. If the living room and the sitting room is the same place than we have to combine the elegance with the simplicity and the comfort with the warmth.

As if the living room is an important part of the house you have to use neutral colors for the walls, for the curtains and to the making in general. The style of this room must be combined with the rest of the house, if you want to achieve a nice aesthetic result.

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