Easter Decorating Ideas!

Spring is already here! We have started to enjoy the colors of the nature and the smells of the blooming flowers. Every year we wait impatiently for spring’s coming not only because of the great natural view but also because the spring brings Easter.

Easter is close and we all have started to think how to decorate our dining table and our home in general, to celebrate this gorgeous Day. The Easter decoration might not be as fabulous as Christmas but there some small meaningful items that represent the Easter decoration.

4777-Pastel-Egg-WreathTo welcome Easter you can make a wonderful wreath and hang it in your front door to impress your visitors. For your interior, a wreath is a great idea to decorate your mantel. If you want to give to your wreath a more seasonal touch, add some eggs and you have it!

The eggs are the dominant decorative elements for this celebration because they symbolize the fertility! Motivate your children to help with the egg painting and try to make as many as you can in various colors and place them around your home! You can fill some baskets with eggs or you can hang them everywhere is possible. Buy some chocolate eggs to fill one or two vases and to offer them to your visitors!

We are used to see also bunnies, small chicks and also ladybugs as a decorative centerpiece for the Easter. The tradition says that the rabbit symbolizes the abundance, the small, cute chick symbolizes the new life while the red ladybugs symbolize the nature! All of these symbols can decorate pleasantly your home and there are plenty of choices on how to use them.



Considering that Easter is associated with the coming of spring of course it is characterized by its own flowers, such as lilac, daisies and lilies. You can order an endless composition at your nearby florist and place it in a central location of your home so that to give a natural and a more floral splash to your space.

Whatever your decoration choices might be, always keep in mind that Easter is a very special event and you have to spend it with your family!

I am going to return back with more easter ideas so remember to come back for more inspiration and fun! Until then let me know how you are going to decorate your home for the Easter and which of the above ideas will prevail in your dining table!

photos via: Pinterest, provagamou, thedecopages, enter2life, floralhomedecor.


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