101 Ideas to Decorate Your Home #2!

Hello again my friends! I am back to continue with the second part of my post “101 ideas to decorate your home #1”. The decoration of our home is nowadays part of our daily routine. Even if we buy a wall picture or a set of towels for our bathroom or a tablecloth for our kitchen, it is considered that we decorate our home. Whatever we do, whatever we add, whatever we change in our home is always a reason to be glad. Decorating or refreshing a place can easily change our mood and our psychology. In my previous post I mention the 50 ideas that you can implement to decorate or just to refresh your home.


Today I will give you 51 more easy and practical ideas on how to do that:

  1. Change the positions of the furniture! Sometimes, when I am bored of the same image of every day, I use to move the furniture from the one side to the other! I can do that once per year and it really helps me to feel great.
  2. Change the upholstery of the armchairs or the sofas! This is a nice idea for who wants to follow the tenses of trend.
  3. Don’t pass up your garden! The garden is a part of our home and its care is necessary especially this season.
  4. Give prominence to your home’s entry! The home’s entry is the first impression that you and your visitors will have for your home. So, do your best to cover the deficiencies if there are any of them.
  5. Take advantage of a “dead” place! If you have stairs in your home, it is probable that you will have a dead place under that. Use it to host there your office.
  6. Update the adult’s room! Teens need changing more than we do. Talk to your children and see how you can improve their room.
  7. Use the musical instruments! If you are a lover of music this is a great chance to decorate your room with your favorite instrument. Piano and guitar can always create a relaxing ambience.
  8. Use every inch of space! In case that you have plenty of squares be sure to maximize every inch of your home for better living.
  9. Add color to your office! The best ambiance you create the more inspiration you have.
  10. Think out of frame! Decorate your walls with pictures and leave back the frames.
  11. Find colorful ideas for storing! Use the color in your cupboards and in your drawers to store your personal things.
  12. Do you have a window in your kitchen! If the answer is yes then take a good care of it with a wonderful curtain.
  13. Think out of the box! Think about something that you wouldn’t dare to buy for your home and go buy it.
  14. Use a tray as a coffee table. A stool and a big tray can give you a gorgeous coffee table. Think about it.
  15. Lean and don’t hang! If you have recently bought a big mirror, don’t hang it. Find a safe place and lean it.
  16. Create a light display! The hidden lighting can always do that.
  17. Refresh your stairs.
  18. Go arty! Use pictures or items of recognized artists and give a different culture to your home.
  19. Paint a rug! Yes you can do that not only for the walls but also for your rugs, using a stencil.
  20. Decorate your bathroom walls!
  21. Go geometric! Go geometric because the trend has commanded it!
  22. Make a DIY table! Sometimes we feel gladder with something we have created by ourselves than to buy it ready.
  23. Add color to your kitchen!
  24. Use the old suitcases! Finally the old things are more valuable than the new ones.
  25. Create a fabulous headboard!
  26. Go rustic!
  27. Decorate your patio! Make a DIY bench and place it in your patio!
  28. Decoration with ladders! Find some short wooden ladders and use them as shelves or as a corner table.
  29. Use books! Books are suitable for any kind of decoration.
  30. Decoration with poofs! If you have small children, then poofs are the most suitable decoration idea for their room.
  31. Use dried fruits! Dried fruits are a great idea to decorate your kitchen platters.
  32. Choose the right rug for your living room!
  33. Go floral!
  34. Use something metal!
  35. Refresh your kid’s bathroom!
  36. Paint a kitchen wall!
  37. Refresh your living room!
  38. Use a stool as a coffee table!
  39. Buy a new accessory for your laptop! If you are a home or a bed worker then you need a desk for your laptop.
  40. Refresh your wooden floors! You have to do that once per five years to keep your floor in the best possible situation.
  41. Buy an antique piece!
  42. Make a handicraft!
  43. Use metal shelves in your kitchen or in your bathroom!
  44. Change your bathroom curtain!
  45. Buy some new holders for your bathroom!
  46. Use canvas!
  47. Knitting is up again!
  48. Decorate with red!
  49. Implement Feng Shui to bring the positive energy in your home!
  50. Find a meaningful quote and write it on a wall!
  51. Decorate your home with love!

Decorating your home is not as difficult as you think. You don’t need to be an expert to do that. The only that you need is to love your home and give it your personal style.

In my future posts I am going to cover the most, if not all, of the above ideas and to give you more details. Just stay connected and you will find what you are looking for.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as the previous one and seemed useful to you.

Is there any idea that it might escape from my mind? Do you have any other idea of decoration? I would be glad to read it in the comments bellow! Can’t wait to hear from you!


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