Inspired DIY Boards!

Every day, so many papers come to my house, just like yours too, as I can imagine! And it’s not only the point on where to keep them but also where to put them so that not to lose any of them or to remember that they exist. Well, to be honest I wish I could find a way to be disappeared and not to put them somewhere that I have to stumble on them all the time. I am talking about the bills and necessary notes that I have to remember to give money.

One day I was ready to go for our monthly shopping at the supermarket and of course I was preparing the shopping list for one week. What happened? I left the house without the list. I realized that when I was already in the car and I was looking for my list. I returned back to home to take the list but…… I couldn’t find it! So I went to the S/M and I bought only what I was remembering. I mean the half things. Have you ever happened this?

The bills and our loan are some of the things that are pressing me enough and causing me a big headache. Thanks God, until now at least we can afford to pay them…. If we find them and they are still on time to be paid!

Let’s don’t talk about the notes that are coming from the school, to inform me about new activities that the children can participate and I have to keep them somewhere so that not to forget the date.

I suppose that most of you face the same problems with me. I think I have the solution for you. What would you say about buying or making a board? Today I will give you some diy projects about  boards so that to get inspired and have yours.

You don’t have to remember also your children’s activities. If you want to make them more responsible, this idea of All things Thrifty is the best. Make a board and place it in your kid’s room so that to remind them what they have to do each day. It sounds me really good!

Okay! This board has nothing to do with bills and shopping lists but it really helps to decide which jewelry to wear when you are in a hurry. I found this board on domestic Fashionista’s blog and I think it is not only practical but also impressive to decorate your bedroom!

A “take action board” from the inspired room that works as a chalkboard and as a magnet board as well! It is an ideal way to decorate your wall while you can also organize your daily incoming papers!

What about this framed board from the house of smiths? Isn’t it a great idea for your office to give a more “everything in order” view? You can also create different color frames and decorate your wall with them.

Here is one more bad idea from the house of smiths  to inspire you!

This is a pegboard from just a girl where you can collect all the art projects of your kids and not only.

I finally found what I was looking for! This bulletin board from crafty nest is all I need. I am going to put everything on it and then i am just going to close the shutters and……ouala! They disappeared. Isn’t it a great idea for bills?

Having a board is not only a nice solution to be organized but also a perfect idea to give a more inspired look to your room. You can make several boards for different uses. For example you can have a “remind me board” for your bills and for the things that you have to remeber, you can have an “art board” for your kid’s school projects and you can have a “memo board” as well to keep your favorite photos on the top of your view! Just be sure to place them in the appropriate wall so that to be visible for you.

Do you have any kind of board for your incoming papers?


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