Decoration with Old Ladders!

Do you remember when I told you, not to scrap anything old? In my previous post about how to “create a vintage style with old suitcases” I mentioned that, the last years, there is a turn back to the old things and vintage ideas. This post is coming to affirm that by showing you some ideas on how you can decorate your home with the old ladders. Yes, exactly the ladders! Some people use them only to reach something and some other use them only to decorate a wall or a corner. In which of the two categories do you belong?

It may sound crazy but ladders are going to be special and funky furniture for the lovers of the vintage style! There are plenty of uses that an old ladder can provide to a place. Can you think some of them?

It is not only the various ways to use it but also the different color choices that you can have by painting it. So, find an old ladder or even better make one and the ideas will come at the time. I will help you to get inspired by showing some great photos that I found on pinterest and on other sources.

You can use it to hang those beautiful lanterns from Pottery Barn  above your dining table!

This is a DIY project from oldhousecrazy and as you can see, these vintage shelves have nothing to envy from the moderns.

I got crazy when I saw this idea on Pinterest and I searched to find the source which is the nest full of eggs. Isn’t it a great idea to hang your favorite memories?

Another interesting and vintage decor but this time for your kitchen. I found this photo in apartment therapy and I find it so special.

I “stole” this one also from apartment therapy and now you can see that ladders are suitable for bedside too!

This is a colorful and amazing storing idea from technotropies.

Do you have any old ladders? Just place it somewhere and you have created a different style. Another photo via apartment therapy.

The shelves are not only practical but also very easy to be placed everywhere. They are suitable for any place, for any style and for every use. The lushome is the source for this photo.

The bathroom is a place that we need more storing space and this idea from up town girl fashion magazine shows how easy we can have more storing space using the ladder.

I also love this bathroom idea from home to life.

This is the last shoot via Erin’s blog! I love the kitchen and I love the ladder above the kitchen island! Isn’t it  gorgeous?

Use ladders in your bedroom, in your bathroom, in your kitchen! Use them everywhere you have empty space. You don’t really have to hang something on it just leave it stands alone on the wall and you have added a graceful appeal and an impressive detail to your space!

 Have you used any ladder for your home decoration?


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