Kid’s Room Decorating Ideas!!!

The kid’s room is the most important room into a whole home. At the same time it can be the most colorful and funny decorated room because the kids love the colors. The decoration of a child’s room is not difficult, only if you keep in mind the preferences of your child about the color and the theme that is going to prevail in that room.

As your child is between the age of 3 to 9 you can choose a more childish and fun theme according to the sex of your child whereas growing from the age of 10 until the age of 15 you need a more adolescent decoration. Usually the children after the age of 15 prefer a more simple decoration with less color and more storing space.

Today I am going to give you some great tips on how you can decorate your kid’s room and to get inspired from some DIY (Do It Yourself) projects in case that you belong to a group of the DIY people.

A perfect combination for a 9 year old girl is the color of lavender with blue as you see in this bedroom idea. The room is decorated in elegant and classic style and if you would like you could find more furniture ideas on the Centsational Girl’s blog.

This is a wonderful idea of All Things Thrifty and it could be perfect for a boys room and especially for Superman’s fans.

Another idea for a boy’s room comes from Funky Junk Interiors. The stuck bricks that cover a small surface of the wall are very practical as if this is the area that usually gets dirty.

What do you think about the boys’ room from Home Stories A to Z? Isn’t this color a gorgeous choice to paint a boy’s room?

This is a clever idea to make a new headboard for your kid’s room. If your child loves the country style this tip from Just a Girl looks ideal for you and your child! In case that you want more headboard ideas click here!

I adore the picture covered walls. A girl’s room with this type of wall decor is ideal and absolutely funny. The idea is from Bin Real Life.

Another idea to inspire you is this from Todays Creative Blog. The decoration’s theme is obviously the football as you can see from the shape of the shelves above the bed and the hung balls by its side.

Simple but attractive this room decoration could easily suit at any age of the children. Gray and white are neutral and traditional colors that remain on time.  The source of this photo is the Daffodil Design.

I couldn’t imagine that I would love so much the blue color in a girl’s room, but now that I see this photo from Felt So Cute I changed my mind. I think that it is not the color that makes a beautiful room but the soul that you put inside. Don’t you think so?

This photo is about a nursery for the little cute babies. Neutral colors and enough lighting are all that needs a baby’s room. The furniture must be functional and with plenty of storing place for the baby’s personal things. The stripes have the capacity to enlarge the space and as you can see in this photo from  Boots and Totty, this nursery has limit of space, so this color choice is just great.

This is a space that we all wish to have! A playroom is always necessary in a house with more than two kids. As you can see, the secret to feel pleasant in this room is the organization. It is very important when the toys or the books have their own place. Visit Worthing Court to see the rest of the room!

Do you have any playroom in your home?


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