Apartment in Tel Aviv by Lanciano Design!!!

Looking at this apartment designed by Lanciano Design Studio makes me forget all what I knew about apartments until today! It is located in Tel Aviv, Israel and it has a panoramic view of the town.

The main feature of this apartment is the large wall to wall windows that allows the daylight to get inside. The designer has chosen the minimal lines excepting the rustic dining table that gives a more sophisticated splash to the space.

The simple colors of the black, white and brown make the apartment look bigger while the absence of the intermediate walls has as a purpose to consume the limits and to double the rooms. The bathrooms are also covered with glass so that to create an open view and to maximize the space.

For more relaxing nights, the apartment provides also an amazing veranda that it is enclosed with glass as well so that to offer an unplugged breathtaking view to the owner.

Via: my fancy house


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