A Penthouse in Monaco is Going to Be The World’s Most Expensive!

I think that the word “luxury” is not enough to describe this apartment. To be honest, it is something more than what we can imagine. In fact it is about a penthouse that it is going to be the most expensive estate, per square meter, around the world. It is a multilevel penthouse that it is located in the skyscraper “Tour Odeon” in Monaco. It is going to be in the market the next year and its price will touch the 302 million euro.

The skyscraper “Tour Odéon” is the first one that it is built in Monaco after the decade of ’80 and it offers 70 deluxe apartments like this one from which the 18 are already sold.

Is not only the six bedrooms that make this apartment luxurious but also the gorgeous slide that starts from the interior to end up in a wonderful overflow pool. And all these can happen on the top of the skyscraper. What would you say about relaxing in that pool with the dazzling view of the Monaco under your legs?

Better not to answer before you see the rest of the photos and the video that is going to take your breath away!

Click here to watch the breathtaking video from the “Tour Odeon”!

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