10 Modern Dining Tables!!!


Have you imagined to transform a formal dinner to a funny play? Christopher Duffy has designed this amazing dining table to be a point of relaxation and pleasure.

italian design chairs

Nuur by Arper is the most minimal but elegant table that you can ever find. Simple lines and practical materials are getting married harmonically to create this flat table with the four slender legs.

design buzz

Astrolab is a first generation table that is going to steal the glances in your home. The glassy top allows for the observer to watch the battery operated and remotely controlled motorized cog mechanism. It can be expanded in plus 40 cm for both sides. The top of the table is standing on the two glittering aluminum legs and it is suitable to decorate any modern space.

mac and mac

This dining table is a proposal by Bontempi and its main feature is the clear geometrical lines. The unique leg that leans the top is made from stain whereas the top of the table is made of glass. It is an architectural piece of furniture suitable to grace any space!

Italy design

If you would like to combine the elegance with the smart then Hula Op is made for you. The incredible design idea is from Arnaldo Gamba and Leila Guerra. It is composed by a patented mechanism that allows for the table to shrivel or to elognate according to the people that it is going to host. Thanks to the mechanism the table offer 4 seats when it is closed and round while turning the surface can be easily transformed in an oval of 8 seats table. The top of the table is made of glass and the two rotating forearms are made by matte aluminum fusion finished. Each detail is studied so that when the table is turning to be oval the top glass is lowered by a lever to the second surface creating a universe surface.

juliettes interiors

For the lovers of baroque, the dining table by Diva Collection looks ideal. The legs are made of polished stainless steel while the top of the table consists of lacquered silver leaf. The perfect aesthetic result is completed with those red velvet chairs.

italy dream design

Kenya is the table that combines the simplicity and the luxury as if it is composed of the glass top and the four legs which are dressed with crocodile leather. Its rectangular surface can be expanded until 30 cm for each side of the table, thanks to the genius mechanism.

Are you looking for a table with a perfect aesthetic aspect that is going to decorate your home? Then you have a right to look at this photo. It is a dining table from Hulsta that promises to make the dinner an overwhelming pleasure. The top of the table is made of wood and it is standing up to the two stainless steel frames.
Here is an acrylic dining table and it is an innovative design by “Colico design”. It could be considered as an antique piece of furniture but the acrylic design is what makes it diverse from any other traditional dining table. It can easily stand in a minimal style home but also in a traditional one as if its shape and its material create different point of views.
This dining table has a strict and at the same time simple view. It is made of glass and metal while the chairs are made of a material that looks like leather. The glass top that can be expanded is standing on a chrome pedestal base.
I hope you enjoyed this post!

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