The Charm of The White!

Someone that has already visited one of the islands in the Aegean will have noticed that the color of white is the dominant color of the houses there. The white color is a hallmark of the Greek holiday home as if it has the capacity to consume the limits and to create the sense of the endless. Another reason that the owners of those houses prefer to use the white color is because the white reflects the heat of the sun’s rays making each house cooler.

These are the reasons that also the owner of this holiday house didn’t escape from the color range of the Aegean houses.

The house is built in Antiparos in an area of ​​400 square meters, where the architect Dimitris Rizos designed this cottage to hide inside the very large space. It is composed of five bedrooms and five bathrooms, the living room and the kitchen. The small interior stair leads to the raised level where is situated the master bedroom.

The simplicity is the main feature of this house. The owner, emphasized from the ideas and the proposals of the decorator Rollis Zarakoudi, managed to give an attractive but at the same time functionary view in the space. Most of the furniture is made after order by selecting craftsmen and only a few tables are older pieces, which already had the owner’s collection. The living room is the main place that connects the rest of the rooms from the one side to the other.

What is definitely going to steal your glance, entering that house, is the wooden ceiling. This idea of the architect to paint these woods also in white color adds a more traditional splash to the total of this impressive environment.

The minimum color “impropriety” is coming from the fireplace, from some of the scanty furniture and from the windows where the green color on them symbolizes the color of the olives. The bared of curtains windows allow to the daylight to get into the space, to light more the white but also bared walls and to fill the house with the smell of the sea.

The commanding geometrical coves that are raised at the entrance of each room are one of the characteristics that win the impressions and make the place look like a cathedral.

The uniformity of this house is expanding from the furniture to the appliances and from the interior to the exterior place, as if the owner decided to supply the rooms only with the necessary equipment for a holiday living and to maximize at the most the spaces. The exterior space is also charming even if it is composed only of a pool.

I left your last glance in this bathroom where despite its simplicity it is particularly fine. Enjoy it!!!

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