In the Center of Athens!

Walking through the numerous roads in the center of Athens in Greece, I could never imagine that I could find an apartment like those that I am used to see in New York. This old neoclassical of the 1928, has been renovated from the architect Natalia Kokosalaki, so that to offer to the owner a modern living and to provide him all the relaxation that he demands from his home!

The apartment is decorated in minimal lines and its characteristic is the mix of the materials and the contrast of the colors. The entrance is located in the ground floor and walking up the stairs one can reach to the main level where is the living room, the dining area, the office, the kitchen, the first bathroom and a small sitting area! Εntering into the apartment you cannot but notice the empty white walls that are standing on a dark floor.

The purpose of the architect was to create an open plan area and to enlarge the space, abolished completely the intermediate walls. The total space of the apartment is 170 sq.m. while there is also a terrace of 100 sq.m. which is used to host guests. The bedroom is located on the raised level and it is separated by a glass wall from the rest of the apartment. The bedroom consists of a vintage bed and a bedside from the collection of Joe Colombo. On the same level there is also the second bathroom. The empty space under the stairs is used as a storing place.

This great vintage table belonged to the grandmother of the owner while the chairs that are enclosed it are from Charles και Ray Eames  and the two chairs on the top of the table are from the famous plastic design Ikea PS.

Most of the furniture and the decorative elements are bought from top designers like this lamp that is designed by Arne Jacobsen and the glass coffee table which is designed by Isamu Noguchi.

The big white library is made of metal and its background is not but the gray color of the concrete. The owner can keep there his collections of books CDs and other personal things. Here one can meet also the small sitting area with these elegant chairs and the attractive lamp which is designed by Arne Jacobsen.

The functionality is the main purpose of the kitchen which is designed to serve the necessary activities. The divining counter is used for storing all the electric appliances while the stools of the kitchen are a design by Konstantin Grcic and the orange desk chair is a design by Robin Day.

 Τhe disagreement is the main charm of this apartment as if it is obvious that the minimalism meets the exaggeration, the modern meets the vintage and the intense colors meet the dark colors.

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