Enjoy the Spring Cleaning!

I hate spring cleaning and at the same time I love spring cleaning! I hate it because it takes me almost a week to finish it and I love it when it is done! Ha, ha! I start from Tuesday this painful but necessary cleaning. Now you wonder why it takes me a week to complete it! Well, I do a general cleaning two times per year: a) when the winter is here so that to lay my rugs and b) when the spring is here so that to store my rugs.

The point is that it is not only the rugs!!! I have to wash the seasonal clothes (jackets, shirts, pullovers etc.) and refresh the summer clothes. Ok, this seems easy! What about the children’s clothes? I have to separate them, keep the clothes of my older daughter for my younger one and to give away the clothes of my youngest. Every season, this is a headache for me! I can’t imagine what this could be for my sister with four kids (two girls-two boys)……!

I love this idea for my kids’ clothes storing!

But you still wonder why this has to last for a whole week! Starting cleaning my house doesn’t mean I don’t have any other obligations. I have to cook in daily base, I have to take the kids from school, I have to help my daughter with her homework, I have to take her to the out of school activities, I have… I have…. I have…..!

I decided to put priorities in myself! And the priority for me is my kids and my husband.

The last two years (when my daughter started to need help with her studding) I decided that I am going to separate my time into rooms. What I mean? I dedicate one day for each room. During the cleaning of the rooms I wash, I dry and I iron the clothes that need storing!

I don’t know why but I always start from my master bedroom! I start with our clothes, then I take down my curtains, I vacuum the rugs and I bundle them, I clean the lamp, I move the dust from the furniture and I take them out of the room (except the bed of course), I clean the walls and the baseboards with a sponge, I take out to the sun the mattress, I clean my bed, I vacuum and I swap all the floor. When the floor is dry I bring into the room the furniture and the mattress and I lay the spring sheets.

Entering in my kids’ room it is a great chance to throw away any needless or broken toy, clear out their sketchbooks their notebooks and their papers. This is what I am doing also in my office. This is another reason why I love the general cleaning. I always finish those rooms with a big trash bag filled in needless papers and magazines. I love organization even if it doesn’t last for so long!!!

I repeat the same progress for all the rooms and I leave the kitchen for the end. The kitchen is the most time-consuming room. I have to clean all the cupboards and organize my drawers. I clean my fridge and my oven. Sometimes I like to change the position of my bowls, my cups, and my plates and to find new storing places. Unfortunately I don’t have any window in my kitchen so I don’t have to change the curtain in this room.

When all this cleaning is over, I make a last cleaning on my windows, I iron the seasonal curtains and I hang them. The winter clothes are clean and I store them and I change also my drop cloths and my pillows.

Completing my general cleaning I would like to move into another home so that to keep this one clean for some days, because in less than a week I start again the daily, but not so pedantically, cleaning! Did I mention that I start from Tuesday? Yes? Ok! So, better to enjoy the Sunday and the Monday (Monday is the 25 of March which is a national celebration for us and because of the parade we have no schools, that’s why I start my cleaning from Tuesday).

I hope you didn’t get tired reading this post!

Do you make any general cleaning with the coming of the spring?

Which is the most time-consuming room for you?

Enjoy the spring cleaning and

Have a relaxing Sunday!!!


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