Today we can formally welcome the spring! My mood starts changing because I have in my mind that after the spring… the summer will be here! What about you? Did you start changing your mood? No!!! Well if you want to feel the springtime air that is pervaded in the atmosphere you can start by bringing the spring in your home! Spring is the season of the refreshment. It is time to store our dark colored clothes and to get dressed with the most colorful garment that we have. But don’t do it only with your clothes! Do it also for your home. There are a lot of ways to bring the spring in your home but before you go to read more of this post, make sure you have already read my previous post about the DIY spring decoration ideas.

Color, color, color…! Spring is everything around color. Color in your walls, color in your pillows, color in your sheets, give color to your curtains….give color to anything and you will have the spring in your home!




Imagine your homes

Flowers, flowers, flowers…! There is no spring without flowers! The flowers are one of the ways to symbolize the spring. Fill in your vases with natural flowers like tulips or lilies and enjoy the freshness that they exude. Use anything floral. Table cloths, rugs, pillows or even better paint a wall with flowers. Make a floral ambiance and create a blooming sense in your home!!!







My blessed life

Butterflies…..! Have you ever noticed how many butterflies are appearing with the coming of the spring? Well, it is not accidental! The butterfly is another symbol of the spring. Use your imagination and add handmade or not butterflies everywhere! Put them in your curtains, on your pictures, on your lights and give a spring touch to your place!



Home guide




Spring smell…! A springtime ambiance doesn’t include only optical plays! The spring smell is also important to create a fresh environment! You can use natural flowers or aromatic sticks to get into the rhythm of the season. Candles are also able to create this sense if you choose the right aroma!


I hope you get enough inspiration to create your springtime atmosphere! I wait to tell me which of the above ideas are ideal for you and your home!

Take care and enjoy SPRING!!!


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