How to Be a Pleasant Hostess!

I am married for about ten years! All those years I have been hosted from friends and I have also hosted a lot of friends at my house. During this period I’ve learned how to be a great hostess and how to make my visitors feel comfortable in my house. Until now I didn’t have the chance to host someone for a whole night but I have a lot of friends that visit us just to spend a bit of time together. Friends or family members need to be treated in a special way so that to feel the top of my hospitality. So today I am going to share with you my experience on how to make your visitors feel like they are in their home!

First of all, there is a big meaning on how you welcome your visitors! When I expect some visitors for first time in my house I welcome them with my best smile and with a simple but meaningful phrase: “Welcome to my house”. The handshake is also important for your visitors as if it makes them feel homey.

Entering in my home I take the jackets (in winter time) of my visitors and I encourage them to sit where they want while I am telling them: “Please, have a seat”. After they ensconce themselves in my living room, I ask them: “Would you like to have a drink?” Or to be more specific I make a choice of the drinks that I can offer them and I ask them if they want to drink a coffee, a juice, a glass of wine or whatever I have that time in my home!

Most of the times, the visitors are coming to my home after an invitation of mine or my husband’s. Sometimes we invite some friends for coffee and some others we invite some friends to drink a glass of wine. When I expect someone, it is obvious to me that my home has to be clean and tidy. I have already made the preparation of what I am going to offer them according to the type of the visit.

It is very important to not leave the visitors alone in the living room for a long time in case that there is no optical contact with them. If you don’t have the possibility to talk with your visitors while you prepare the drinks or the snacks, make sure that they have someone else to talk with until you go back to your living room. My kitchen has an open view of my living room so even if I am in the kitchen I try to talk with my guests so that not to feel embarrassed.

I like when I invite people in my home and I always do my best for them to have a nice time. I rarely have the TV switched on while I prefer to play some slow music on my radio! Like this we are more likely to open a discussion and make the evening more interesting. Playing board games sometimes sounds also nice as if we can relax and to integrate our children in the group.

If I or my husband has invited some friends to drink a glass of wine, I always prepare something for dinner. In this case my dining table is always set, the plates and the glasses are in order and I pay big attention to the table decoration! A nice and cozy ambiance can incline my guests towards to the rest of the evening! When the dinner is ready I call them to sit on the table and before we start eating I take my glass and say: “Cheers”! We chink the glasses and we swap wishes to each other!

A tasteful dinner must always come with a delicious desert so that to finish the night with a sweet taste. I like to make sweets and to offer them to my visitors but I never forget to offer also the sweet that my guests bring to me. If you want to make your guests feel more comfortable leave them to help you with the dishes if they ask you to do it. I don’t mean to let them wash the dishes but at least they can feel useful taking the first plates and bring the second ones.

The secret for a successful night with your guests is to be yourself. Be sure that they will appreciate the fact that you behave them as you are in your everyday than to pretend someone else! If you don’t feel ready to invite someone then try to postpone the meeting for another time. If you feel pleasant you will make also your visitors to feel like that.

Would you like to add something else, to make me more welcoming with my guests? What do you do to be a pleasant host or hostess?


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