There Are Some Days……!

There are some days…….!

There are some days where I feel that everything goes wrong!

There are some days where I pray never come back!

There are some days where I wish to finish as soon as possible!

There are some days where I sit in front of my TV with no purpose to watch something special! I only want to hold the remote and change the channels just like I browse a magazine.

There are some days where I want to see nobody and some others where I would like to hear even a small voice of a step!

There are some days where I sit in front of my computer and my mind is empty of ideas!

There are some days where I look the horizon and no inspiration comes!

There are some days where I go around my home willing doing nothing at all!

There are some days where I have so many things to do and I just postpone them for………..I don’t know when!

There must be a reason for all these feelings!

And for the last three days I have a reason to be under pressure!

Do I have the right to have my bad days as well?

Well, my heart says “yes” but my mind says “no”!

“Yes” because I am a human being and “No” because I am a mother!

Those days I feel the eyes of my older daughters’ stuck with me, like she tries to understand what the hell is going wrong!

Children feel everything and it is very difficult to explain to a four year old child that I need my time or that it is not the right time for jokes! The older will understand but the younger one lives in her world and this is normal!

And what’s the reason to feel like that the last days?

Well, three days ago my husband had an accident and he is obligated to stay at home for at least five days! It is the kind of accident that happens to whom is careful more than the normal! Thanks God it is not something permanent! But when we wait all the week for the weekend to leave the daily routine and to have some nice time with our family, this accident is enough to destroy our mood!

The accident happened al fresco. As you may know, here in Greece and especially in Crete where I come from, we have our oil. We have a lot of olive trees where we produce our oil. These trees just like every  kind of tree need their farming! So, my husband had this accident during the farming of our olive trees. Do you know what happen when an olive branch get in your eye?

Well, better not to know! A small scratch is just enough to tear the protective membrane of the eye and cause you terrible pain! We went to the hospital where an intern doctor puts on the eye some drops of eyewash, he covered his eye and that’s all! I have to tell you that the night was endless! So, the morning I decided to take him to an ophthalmologist to have a better care! She told us that the scratch was very deep and that it could take up to four days to stop the pain and to return back to his job!

I have never felt such a pain and I can’t tell you how it is. My husband tried to describe me the pain and he told me that it is ten times stronger than the migraine! The doctor suggested to rest in a dark and quiet ambiance! I can very easily provide him rest and a dark ambiance but quiet with two small kids……..! It is difficult!

Sometimes, when I have to take care of my sick or hurt husband I would prefer to take his position and his pain. Men are like babies and now I have to take care of three children instead of two!

I know that I am in a better situation than him because at least I don’t feel any pain! But when I see my favorite person suffer and there is nothing I can do to take the pain away, I feel useless! Is it normal to feel like that? Or maybe it sounds a bit overworked?

Anyway, this was an outburst of mine and I already feel better!

Thank you for your patience to read my short story about the hard time of my last three days! I hope that the things will get better and all these will be a bad memory.  Take care of yourself and have a nice weekend!


3 thoughts on “There Are Some Days……!

  1. It’s good to share – I usually feel much better when sharing..
    We all have our “bad days” stories.. It’s hard, but to stay positive and/or constructive is very important – so, chin up!

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