Create a Vintage Style with Old Suitcases!

The last years, as you might already have noticed, there is a turn back to the old things and the vintage ideas. Day by day, more and more we see the rustic style and the vintage decoration to prevail in the new homes and buildings. It is amazing how the antique items take the position of the modern ones. Some of these items are also the vintage suitcases that today may be used in several ways.

No, I don’t mean that you can use them in several trips! I would suggest you to buy a new suitcase for your travels and to keep those old from your grandma to use them in your house. You better listen to me and search in your loft for this treasure. Draw off the dust, clean the interior and you have a new decorating idea! Oh, did I mention that in my previous post about “101 ways to decorate your home #1”? No, but I am going to do it in the second part, for sure.

When I first saw some decorating ideas with those suitcases, I felt very awful because I haven’t kept any of them from my grandparents. Have you kept any suitcase from your grandparents? Good, because today I am going to give you some ideas on how you can use them so that to create a vintage style in your home.


via Pinterest

                                                                          via pinterest
Did I convince you? As you see the only that you have to do is to use your
imagination. It is very easy to create a chair, a line of shelves, a gorgeous
table for your living room, a wonderful bedside for your bedroom
or even some colorful drawers.
So, what’s the lesson for today? We don’t scrap anything old or anything
we have kept from our grandparents because we never know how we
can use them later.
Have you kept anything from your grandparents?
Do you love vintage style?

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