101 Ideas to Decorate Your Home #1!

Are you ready to decorate your home? No? Ok, and then are you ready to refresh it?
In various ways decoration is almost synonymous with refreshment because anytime we decorate our home we also refresh it. Do you agree with me?
When people hear the word “decorate”, they think it is something that only a professional can do it. Of course, a decorator that has studied this sector is the most appropriate to give solutions and ideas, than anyone. But it doesn’t mean that any of us can’t do it. The decoration of a house is a completely personal issue. In decoration, just like in any other cases of our life, the opinions are objective. It is normal, that what I like is not necessary loved by you too. When we speak, we express our self and our personality. So, also when we are going to decorate our home, it is obvious that we will give to our place the style that we prefer without influencing from the other opinions.

living room decoration idea

When it comes the time to decorate our place there is also another point that most of people are afraid. In majority, they combine the word “decoration” with the word “price”. Ok, I don’t want to make you believe that if you are going to make a refresh in your home, it will be completely free of cost. This was the reason to decide to write this post. In this post you are going to find 101 ideas on how you can make a small or a big refreshment to your home. This is up to you! What better and with lower cost than to buy something new for your home. You have to know that even a small present to ourselves or to our home make us feel more refreshing and pleasant. The pleasure will come even with the big or with the small present. Try it!

Some clever proposals and easy ideas to renew a place or a home are these:
1) Use a stencil to decorate your walls. The stencil is always an easy way to give color and pattern to a wall.
2) Print photos and make new pictures.
3) Buy some aromatic candles for your bathroom and for your living room.
4) Think green and replace your common lights with led lights.
5) Buy some seasonal accessories (Easter, Christmas).
6) Replace your broken hangers with new.
7) Choose a room and change the curtains.
8) Add a floor lamp.
9) Adorn a corner in style.
10) Add some colorful pillows.
11) Find an old armchair and start the makeover.
12) Buy a pair of new towel for your bathroom.
13) Don’t forget to buy also some new napkins for your kitchen.
14) Do you have stool? No? Now it is time to buy one.
15) Choose a tropical color and paint the main wall of your living room.
16) I think it is time to refresh also your sheets. Go and choose a wonderful sheet for your bed.
17) Select an empty wall and fill it with pictures from your family.
18) Do your appliances need a switch? See which is older and replace it with a new one.
19) Look at your fireplace. There must be something to do around it!
20) Find a new accessory for your sink.
21) What was the last time since you paint your child’s room?
22) Does your husband own a shelf in your home? Let him choose a shelf and give him the opportunity to decorate it as he wants.
23) Add whatever you like but take care to be stripped.
24) Choose a patterned rug for your kitchen.
25) Find a great wallpaper and decorate the backside of your bed.
26) Change the fabric of your sofa.
27) Plants, natural or synthetic, are always a nice idea to decorate a place or a table.
28) Buy a marvelous wall picture and decorate your living room.
29) I suppose that you have mirrors. Ok! Replace one of them with an antique one.
30) Give an emerald green view to your home.
31) You cannot imagine how your kitchen will look if you change the knobs.
32) The dresser is a practical way for storing things. Buy a new or makeover an old one.
33) Give a different splash to your home with strange furniture.
34) Find a place to add more shelves for your books.
35) Give to your kitchen a tablecloth as a present.
36) Cover a small wall or a column with stone.
37) Buy a new mouse pad for your PC.
38) Have you ever tried the spray paint? Choose an old item of furniture and spray it with your favorite color.
39) Add a border to a room.
40) Think green and buy something leathered.
41) Again think green and add bamboo in your home.
42) Do you have a board? You can find a lot of boards for several uses to choose the most appropriate for your necessities.
43) Do you know what you could do with a palette? Check this post!
44) Buy a table lamp.
45) Find new ways of organizations.
46) Do you like rustic style? If you do, try to embed it in your home too.
47) Buy a new tray for your kitchen.
48) Replace one or two old cups for your coffee.
49) Buy something traditional (a mirror) for a modern style room.
50) Buy something modern (a vase) for a traditional style room.

It is amazing how wonderful I feel when I buy a new lipstick for myself or a new tablecloth for my kitchen. For me it is the same pleasure.
As you see until here we already have 50 ideas on how to decorate a place and give it a splash of refreshing without to spend a lot of money. In one of my next posts I am going to share with you the rest of my ideas. So remember to return back to read the part 2 of the post.
Until then let me know if you did something to refresh yourself or your home the last month.


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