Decorating With a Man’s Eye!

Hello to everybody! I wish you to have a wonderful weekend. Today I would like to dedicate this post to our wonderful men. Sometimes I feel that we don’t do justice to all those people that fill our lives and give us so much pleasure. Nobody says that decoration is only a woman’s issue. While I am in case to know a lot of successful men as decorators and interior designers, I usually refer to women when I write a post. Don’t ask me why I do that, but this is how I feel. Any time I am thinking about a new topic of writing, what I have in my mind is the woman’s understanding. Is it happening also to you?

So, today I decided to write a post that will include the men’s understanding. And this didn’t come by itself! The reason behind this is that yesterday I saw my loved husband decorating a shelf with a new “kompoloi” that he bought. He has a big collection of these and he likes to change them according to his mood and the circumstance. He owns a whole shelf where he can put everything he likes like kompoloi, miniatures of cars, pens and a lot of small items that he collects at various times. To be honest I think that he deserves more shelves but until now one is enough for him.

Searching on internet I realized that there a lot of ways to give a man’s view in a place. Sometimes men carry a refined taste that maybe a woman doesn’t have it! Don’t you think so? At least this is my opinion! So, come with me to see how is the decoration with a man’s eye!

A sofa in retro-shaped car

Well, this is a sofa that you don’t find in a home every day! My husband could definitely have the same one as if he loves wheels and cars in general.

Car parts use as a coffee table

What about this unusual composition for the living room! No way!!!

A man’s shelf

When men have the possibility to own a shelf, these are the most common items where you can find on it. Shaving accessories, men’s perfume and miniatures of antique cars. Any other idea?

Sometimes men don’t leave their habits even when they are going to decorate their bathroom!!!
Entering in such a bathroom, are you not going to understand who has blanked it out? Car tags are the best solution to cover the bathroom’s walls as if they will never have to being cleaned.


As we all know, in the majority of men, don’t love the happy colors like purple, pink, green etc.! This bedroom is a great solution for a man that belong to this category. I find this bedroom very elegant but to tell you the truth I could never sleep in that bedroom. Do you?

Men’s valet stand

To be honest, if I had enough space in my bedroom I would love to have a valet stand for my husband’s shirts. It is the only way to avoid wrinkles in his clothes.

Via pinterest

The strict personal things of a man are nice to have their own corner. I think that if we find the best way to use them, then these items constitute a different way of decoration.

Men love the minimal lines and the rustic style more than the traditional one.
And finally there is nothing wrong with that. I like it too.
As you see the decoration through the men’s eyes is a bit different than
women’s and they can give their personality to any place.
Now tell me:
Is there any place in your home where your husband has the last word?

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