See How Easily You Can Save Time From Ironing!

In general terms I like to clean my house when I have the mood to do it. The point is to take the decision that I will start cleaning and after I finish I am glad that it is over. I really enjoy my house when everything is in order and clean, as much as I can enjoy it with the two little children running and playing everywhere. I still don’t need to hire a person for cleaning even if it sounds very nice idea. I like to do things by myself.

There is only one house work that I could pleasantly pay someone to do. And this is ironing! I don’t like ironing at all. I can wash and dry the clothes for one week and leave them heaped in my storeroom until I will take the decision that if I will not iron, nobody else will do it. When this is happening, I am going in and out of my storeroom and I try not to look the washbowl that is full of garments.


Trying to find solutions that will make ironing easier and more pleasant, I’ve found some very practical ideas to carry through this mandatory obligation of the housewife. Here are some tips that have really helped me to reduce the time that I spend for the ironing.

  • Fond well your clothes.

Recently, I bought a tumble drier. I used to have a big problem trying to dry my garments during the winter days. The rainy days I had to dry my clothes on my radiator or I was bringing the drying rack in the house and wait for two or three days until my clothes to get dry. So, the tumble dryer really worked for me and saved me from all these. If you have also a tumble dryer here is the secret! Fold your clothes as soon as you will be taking them out from the appliance. The better you fold them the less you will iron them! This method works incredibly with the towels and the sheets. Sometimes I don’t even iron the towels as if they are already sterile from the tumble drier. This depends on my time and on the quantity of the garments that are waiting for me to get ironed! Of course this is good to happen even for the clothes that are dried in the fresh air.

  • Stow them at the right time.

This is another method that is also worthy to try. When you dry your clothes out in the fresh air, don’t forget to stow them before they get very dry. This will force you to spend the double time to iron the wrinkles. If you want to spend less time in ironing, try to stow the garments with a little bit of wetness on them. You will see that the ironing becomes easier and faster. But be careful: don’t ever enshrine your ironed clothes in the drawers or in the cupboards if they are not completely dry. They are going to take a terrible smell and you will be forced to wash them again.

  • Which garments to iron first?

I will be honest with you and I will tell you that I feel very anxious when I see that I have a lot of sheets and shirts to iron. I spend a lot of time to iron these kinds of garments because I don’t have any Juro Pro or any other iron system. I am a traditional person and I still use the common irons. So for me is better to start ironing the shirts and the sheets and leave the rest of the garments at the end. When I start ironing I am not tired or bored and I iron more pleasantly so I leave the easy kinds of garments for the end so that not to be disappointed that I will never finish. By the way, socks are my favorite garments!

  • Choose the right cloth!

What I mean by choosing the right cloth? There are some garments that are made of easy-ironed cloth. When you are going to buy a garment check the quality and prefer the non-iron clothes. Silk and woolly clothes need less ironing or sometimes no ironing. Of course, I don’t mean that you are never going to buy cotton, because cotton even if it is hard to iron, it is very authentic and more suitable cloth for our skin.

  • Separate the clothes!

It is not only the ironing part of a boring process but also the separation and the storing of the garments. I am not thinking only how I will start ironing but also how I will start storing the clothes, especially when these are more than two washbowls. The last month I‘ve implemented a new tactic. This is, to separate the clothes in groups, according to the drawer or the place that are storing, before I start ironing them. When I finish ironing, the garments are ready for storing without losing more time for the separation.

These are some of my methods that I have invested so that to disentangle earlier this required day’s work. Is it ironing a boring day’s work also for you? I would be glad if you had another method to recommend me. Be sure that I will follow your suggestion if this is going to make ironing much easier and less time consuming! Thank you….!


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