The secrets of Feng Shui!

The place where we live, work, eat, sleep or just relax, but also the configuration of the furniture and the items in that place, determine in a big point, our personal happiness and our professional success. At least this is what, the insides of Feng Shui claim.

The Feng Shui is a Chinese system of Geomancy believed to use the laws of both Heaven and Earth to help one improve life by receiving positive Qi, and it has been implemented in China for 4000 years. So, according to Feng Shui the homes radiate energy that is contained in all the things.

Feng Shui and health

This kind of energy can be blogged or unbalanced from different situations. There are some advices, from Feng Shui’s experts, that if we follow them in the house, we can draw off the negative energy from the house and increase the positive one.

  • Avoid the jags. Even if it is about marquees or beams, the jags cause problems. For example, a beam over the kitchen table is probably that it will bring fights between the couple. Also, a beam that is placed over the bed in a bedroom, is probably that it will cause digestive problems to who is sleeping in the prone position under it.
  • Be careful of the mirrors. The shape of the mirrors must be round or oval and not rectangular. Their place in the house is also important. If you place them in a high position, they may cause headaches, whereas, in a bedroom, avoid placing the mirror opposite of the bed, because it absorbs the positive energy and causes problems in the sleep.
  • Remove the enormous furniture. When you are going to decorate your home, it is better to choose soft and curvy furniture that signify the harmony and are suitable for the relaxation.
  • Use metallic items. The component of metal is considered as water’s counterfoil and it is especially indicated the horseshoe, when its concave part has to look to the rooftop so that not to leave the fortune.
  • Keep everything in order. If you belong to the people that likes the mess, it is probably that the positive energy will never touch you so if you don’t want this to happen it is better to keep everything in order.
  • Draw away the work from the bedroom. If you don’t want the negative energy to enter into your bedroom, draw away from the room, everything that reminds you your job, even your shoes!
  • Throw away or repair all the broken items. Try to repair or to throw away everything that breaks because they absorb the positive energy, for example the congested sink.
  • Let the natural light get in your house. The natural sunlight gives energy and improves the physic and the mental mood, so try to transit more time in the places where there is plenty of natural light.
  • Choose light hues. When you decide to paint your walls, prefer to use subtle colors like the light blue for the bedroom, the soft pink for the office and earthly colors for the kitchen. For the kitchen you can also choose natural wood for the cupboards that it is also indicated for this place.
  • Transform your bathroom into a curative source. The candles and the aromatic oils are always able to bring a positive energy. Especially if you have a big window opposite of the tub, it would be the best for your relaxing. Oh, and one more thing: the door and the toilette cap must be closed when you leave the bathroom, because otherwise the good luck is going away.

If you want to attract the Good Luck in your home and in your life, implement these tips for Feng Shui and enjoy health, happiness and prosperity! Do you believe in Feng Shui’s good energy?


3 thoughts on “The secrets of Feng Shui!

  1. Great post! How did I miss this one? Anyway, I, too, have an appreciation for feng shui in home decor/design. Being a Geography major/nut, I even took a course in college “The Geography of Feng Shui”. It was a great resource for my inner decorator. I highly recommend the textbook “Exploring Feng Shui – Ancient Secrets & Modern Insight for Love, Joy, and Abundance” by Shawne Mitchell. I have no reason to ‘plug’ this book, aside from sharing a great reference.
    I use Feng Shui to both guide and justify my design choices.

    I really enjoyed this post. Thank you again!

    1. I try to use Feng Shui at my home as much as I can because I have also read a lot of books about Feng Shui and I really believe that it can bring a positive energy in the house. Thank you!

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