How to Feel Safe in Your Home!

The house is our retreat! It is the place where we feel safe and we think that nobody has the right to insert if we don’t give the permission to do that. This is not absolute anymore. Everyone, as of now, can enter our home while we will be sleeping or while we will be away.

The safety of our homes is a headache for the most of us, just not to say for all of us. Especially in nowadays that the 1/3 of the population is jobless and people try to find other ways to earn some money. What easy way than a robbery.

Well, in this situation is not about only the loss of some cash or of some personal things, it is also about the psychological factor that somebody entered the house.

And the point is that today, you don’t have to be away from your house to get rubbed. Robbers can force your house with no scruple, even when you and your children are sleeping next door. So, how can you block the robbers enter your house in both cases? Today I will give you some advices that at least will minimize the possibilities of a robbery.

Change the door locks!

The first thing that people think for their home’s security is to change the locks. This is one way of protecting. Especially if you live in a detached house where the view of the main door is visible from the street and anyone can approach it. The door’s break open is the most common way for a robber to enter the house. There are a lot of safe door locks that provide the main safety of the house. This will protect you from them if you are away or in the house. If you want to enhance the door’s break open you can put a heavy furniture in front of the door before you go to bed. By this way, it will be more difficult for somebody to enter the house and it is more probable that you are going to wake up from the furniture’s noise.

Set a photoelectric cell!

Setting a photoelectric cell under your main or your secondary entrance will discourage a robber to go closer in case that he doesn’t want to be seen. For a better result is good to leave a light on, in the house, while you will be away or even during the night while you will be sleeping. Believe me that nobody wants to make robbery with the lights on.

Set a window’s alarm and a motion detector!

The window is another way for the robbers to get in the house. To avoid this, set a window alarm that is going to terrify the surprising visitors because of the loud sound. Are you not going to wake up when you hear this noise? Of course, these kind of visitors can very easily enter from the window without to open it. They just cut a big surface of the window and they enter with no difficulty. In this case the best solution is to set also a motion detector with alarm in a corner that is going to catch them unexpectedly.

Keep your garden neat!

Well, this is a must when you aim to leave the house, for a big period of time. Before you leave the house (for the holidays as an example) make sure that you have trimmed all the bushes and the trees that are placed in your garden. A neat garden deters the strangers whereas a desolate place can be an easy attach for the robbers. For more protection you can also set a big spotlight with a timer so that to turn on during the night and to light the garden.

Set an alarm system!

This is the last but the most effective way to avoid a robbery in your house. It may cost you some more money but what is better in front of your family’s safety? When you decide on this kind of safety measure spend some more money to take the best advantage of it. For example you can ask from the company, that you will decide to buy the alarm system, to connect it with your telephone so that to inform you anytime they receive a sign that somebody has broken open your house.


Feeling safe in your home is the A and the Z for your best way of living. So, take your measures and protect you and your family. Would you like to tell me what kind of measures have you taken for your home safety?

sources: panoramio, brinias, archiexpo, chacha, jascoproducts


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