5 Small Secretes of the Mirrors!

The mirror always reflects the elegance, the luxury and the style! It can designate pleasantly the space and can very easy enlarge a small room. It is a necessary decorative element for each house. Mirrors create a playful ambience while they can multiply the idols that are represented in them. In nowadays, a mirror is not only a necessary accessory in a woman’s purse but it is also necessary for the home decoration. To be more specific, the mirror has a determinant part of the decoration as if, putting the right mirror in the right place can add value and to grace the space, creating visual playing. Today I would like to give you some tips on how you can use correctly a mirror so that to take the best advantage of it and to discover its functional character.

You can use mirrors everywhere in your home. The only thing that you have to pay attention, when you are going to place a mirror, is the size and the shape of it.

1) Display your mirror in a great manner in your living room!

Toby Fairley interior design

This is an eccentric way of displaying your mirrors in your living room. Use two or more small mirrors behind the sofa instead of the common picture. Try to combine a lot of mirrors together forming a line or if you want to create a more exquisite style, dare to use the lopsided size of mirrors in different high. The frameworks of the mirror don’t have to be the same or in the same color in case that you want a more enthusiastic view.

2) The mirror in the bathroom is necessary!

Decoration world bathroom

There is a room in the house that you cannot avoid putting a mirror. This is the bathroom. In the bathroom, the role of the mirror is clearly functional, that’s why it has to be in the right high and in the right size. The ideal high of a mirror in this case is the high of the eyes and concerning the size, it has to be as big as possible. Normally, most of the people use to coddle themselves in the bathroom so a mirror that is placed higher or lower than the right high will make it more difficult.

3) Use a full-length mirror in your bedroom!

Lourdes Cheval mirror

The old times, people used to cover their cupboards with mirror to create a full-length mirror. In nowadays there are plenty of wonderful full-length mirrors made of metal or of wood. In the bedroom, the use of the mirror is double: decorative and functional. Choose an elegant and attractive full-length mirror according to the style of your bedroom if you want to make the space more impressive.

4) Give prominence to your dining room!

Big mirror in the dining room

We are used to see mirrors in the dining room because they add light and they give an aristocratic atmosphere to the room. If you are going to put a mirror in your living room you have to consider carefully the space and the style of your place. Choose the analog frame according to the color, to the size and to the style of your dining table or according to your sideboard. You can use a gold frame with engraving if you want to give a traditional look in your dinning room or a silver flat one in case that you want a modern ambience.

5) Use a mirror for an artistic decorate decoration!

Mirror in an empty wall

When the house is big there are a lot of walls that can remain empty. So, if you have an empty wall or a place that you want to attract the glances, for example in the entry room, find a dazzling mirror to fill it. Another great idea is to place an antic or a modern mirror (depend on the style oh the room)  under the fireplace. Additionally if you want to designate an item, the reflection of the mirror is the best way. Have you ever noticed how, a mirror can multiply the flame of the candles that are in front of it? Have you ever felt the calm atmosphere that, this image, create?

Closing my post I would like to mention that, if you backtrack to your storybooks or to old legends, you will find out that  the mirror is identified with the mystery and the beauty. So, use the mirror to add also mystery and beauty to your home. Can you remember a storybook or a legend that refers to a mirror? Do you remember the title or the story?


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