8 More Striped Decoration Ideas!

In my previous post “Striped Decoration Ideas” I was glad to show up some decorating ideas on how to use stripes in your home. As I have already mentioned, the stripes and the patterns are the new tense of trend for this year. After my post’s publishing I made a flashback in my archives to find some more beautiful ideas to share with you. I was glad to find enough and collect them for you. So let’s go back!


This is a master bedroom idea. The vertical stripes behind of the headboard make the room look higher. This color of aubergine is odd and simultaneously discreet while the combination with the green gives a lively atmosphere to the room. For more ideas about how to decorate your bedroom click on  “Bedroom and sweet dream!”


Another beloved traditional master bedroom from “Bedroom and sweet dreams!”   This year the fashion doesn’t impose only stripes but also patterns. What do you think about this patterned rug?


Ok, that’s it! My favorite chair! Zebra style of the rug and zebra upholstery of the chair. The perfect choice for a contemporary teen’s room. The source of this idea is the “Teenager’s room decoration” where you can find more ideas for your teen’s room.


Do you have something to say about this grave armchair? Simple but attractive upholstery with a floral curtain as a background is all that you need for your dreamy living room. Find more “colorful ideas for your living room”


Another striped upholstery for an elegant armchair from “Colorful Ideas for Your Living Room!”


Too much is never enough! Overpass your limits and make your imagination the only feature for your personal place. The relaxing ambience is not created only by a comfort sofa but also by a pleasant mood. Looking for more colorful ideas? Click on “Colorful Ideas for Your Living Room!”


What is drawing the attention of this room? The futuristic bed or the intense stripes? Maybe both! The mix of the times, is what makes this room different. Visit “Teenager’s room decoration!”  for more funky ideas.


I loved this child’s room because of the orange color on the wall. As you can see, the striped rug completes the great color combination whereas the horizontal stripes make the space look bigger! For more colorful kid’s room ideas you can click on  “Child’s room coloring”.

If you visit these older posts of mine maybe you will find more ideas about how to decorate your home and be “in” this year! Have a nice trip around my posts and I hope you find them useful!!!


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