Striped Decoration Ideas!

Do you love stripes? Good, because they are up again. Search in your cupboards and roll out anything you have with stripes. Pillows, sheets, curtains, adornments, whatever. Just to be stripped. I try to think if I have something striped. Oh, yes! I have some napkins but they are not enough. So, I have to look around for something more. I have to look for stripes and squares.

I didn’t like horizontal stripes and I still don’t like them because they say that they add kilos, and that’s true! But this set of sheets is something different. It is so elegant. I think that horizontal lines on sheets make the bed look enormous and I like this illusion. You are going to love this collection by Ashley Wavelength’s bedding just like I do.

Changing your stripes

Waved stripes are also elegant and attractive and they leave back the monotonous straight lines that we are used to see until today.

Geometric patterns are going also to be loved this year. This great chair from bright bold beautiful is upholstered with black and white geometric patterns.

Thankfully, there are several proposals every year, so that to choose the one that suits you, if you want to decorate your home with style and elegance.

 Contemporary bathroom with striped wall

“I now allow myself to play with odd colors,” says Andrée Putman in the style saloniste. “It seems right to experiment with a range of colors, and not be “Madame Noir et Blanc” any longer.”

Okay, red is not an odd color, but you don’t meet a red rug or a colorful striped wallpaper in a bathroom every day! I adore intense colors and I will defend them everywhere I meet them.

Striped wallpaper in vivid pink

When they say: “break the rules” do they mean something like that? Probably yes! So, break the rules and dare to use modern colors like this vivid pink. In this dining area, the vertical striped curtain, in Roman style is harmoniously attached to the horizontal striped wallpaper. Experiment with the combinations of colors and lines and create a contemporary and fresh ambience.

This living room idea from Coastal Home shows us that a white sofa can always be combined with a pattern rug in a navy color. What about putting an anchor as an additional item for your decorating nautical theme?

Did I mention that emerald green is the color of 2013? Pattern and striped fabrics and rugs, in emerald green is all that you need this year!

If you want to add a bold touch in your colorless living room, these red and white pattern stools are ideal. It is a great decorating idea from home ideas mag.

Lovely stripes

Who said, you cannot use stripes in your kitchen? Escape from the monotonous monochrome or tiled walls and dare to add color also in your kitchen. Use your imagination and ad lib for a better result. After all, color is everything this year!

I hope that you enjoyed this post too! If you have something to add or to mention please do it in your commends. Have a colorful February!


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