Great Ideas Made of Pallet!

Well, to be honest, I could never imagine that a neglected piece of wood could be transformed in such a wonderful and useful piece of furniture. And when I say neglect, I mean neglect, broken and wet. I am talking about the pallets. Yes, exactly this! The pallets are the pieces of wood that we see broken next to the cans or wet out of the Super markets. Have you ever though that you could decorate masterly your living room with a pallet? And so you can! The only that you need is your imagination in function! Oh, maybe a little bit of paint too. And that’s all! Your new furniture is ready. I am glad to collect some photos for you so that you get inspired and to make your own composite with your favorite hue.

First of all you can make an awesome and colorful coat hanger like this one. Isn’t it a great idea? It is so simple to make it and so easy to paint it. Choose the colors that you want to paint it, take some hangers to screw on it and hang it on the wall. If you are interested you can find more information in kojodesigns.

Here is a practical composition of desk. It is very spacious and flexible and it can be accommodated in any room. It is easy to move thanks to the wheels that carry and to be separated in pieces as if it is composed of different level surfaces for plenty of activities. You can find more photos on inhabitat site.

Now you can have your own rustic dining table with no cost. It is another idea that stole my heart and I am glad to share it with you. I found this photo also on inhabitat site.

What do you say about this coffee table that I found in Mr. Kate? Not small, not big and free of movements. The white color over the coral rug makes it look more attractive, don’t you think so? The cleverest of this idea is that you can also have a storage place for your books and your magazines under the surface. I don’t know about you, but I find it perfect!

Do you have a favorite corner for your children? It is time to make one like this from decoist. Find an empty corner in your children’s room and create a study corner for your kids and for you also! I am sure that you will love it just like me!

Well, okay! This is not furniture but it is wonderful! I am sure that you will find a place in your garden to put this amazing swing. Just enjoy it…!

As you see there are plenty of ideas to make new furniture, cheap and easy, just using a pallet. Did you enjoy this post? Have you already made something of pallet? If you have, I would be really happy to share it with me! Next time I will come with more pallet ideas.


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