Emerald Green: The Color of 2013!

Every year, the tenses of trend, order a new color that prevails in our clothes, accessories but also in our home decoration. I like that because we are not bored of seeing the same colors by the passing of the time. Our cupboard escapes from the monotonous black and white, whereas our home is getting full of color. This year the trend imposes us to use the shiny emerald green.

accessories in green hue

Emerald is an intense hue of the green color that brings us closer to the nature. It reminds us the leaves of the trees and the freshness of the spring. So, if you have bought a lot of coral accessories, for the past year, it is time to hide them for a while and to replace them with emerald green accessories. If you don’t want to spend a fortune, there are some small secrets that are going to keep you in, for the year of 2013.

choosing a green upholstery

pillows in emerald

decoration with pillows

What would you say about changing the upholstery of your sofa or of your armchairs? You can choose a nice emerald green fabric and dress your furniture while you can keep some to make also some new pillows. In case that you have a white sofa, it is just enough if you add only the pillows and you will see your house, change at once!

big surface of wall painting

wall painting

The wall painting is always a nice solution, if you need to make a change in your home. I would suggest you to not paint a big surface of wall with this color because it is a color with intense character and you may get tired of that. Choose only one piece of wall and paint it while you can add also some decorative items in the same hue.

upholstered headboard in emerald green

sheets in emerald green

Well, if you are fun of this color and you want also to include it in your master bedroom, an upholestred headboard in this hue is a nice way even if it is not so easy. Instead of that, you could encase your coverlet with this color or to buy some new sheets. I am sure that you will find a lot colorful combinations that are going to keep you in the room for hours, just for gazing them.

everything in green

home accessories

The home accessories are never enough if we are going to decorate our rooms. You can find plenty of glasses, plates, vases, cups and other adornments that you will love to use in your everyday. Be free to choose whatever you think that is going to give color to your kitchen and you will not regret it!


Oh, don’t forget the flowers! Their season is coming and this year we are going to welcome spring with the best color. If you want to have always flowers in your home there are several of technical but don’t settle only for these. The natural flowers are not so resistant but they give us their fragrance and their freshness. Don’t miss to fill some of your vases with these wonderful crinums and enjoy their aroma.

Welcome this year with the most fancy and happy color and try to use it remarkably! Feel free to commend this tense and to tell me which is the dominant color in your home!


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