“And So To bed!”

Most of you spend your 1/3 of your day in our bedroom. The master bedroom is one of your most favorite “destinations” when you feel tired, sleepy or inflamed! Some people, who have chosen to work from home, prefer to take their office in their bedroom and work from bed with their laptop. The decision of the style and the kind of bed is very important as if it must make you feel like someone holds you there! It doesn’t have to do only with the decoration of the room but also with the bed. The choice of your bed must be done with reverence, because the bed is the main furniture that incurs your activities for many hours every day.

If you still haven’t found the appropriate bed for you, the “And So To Bed” company is here to cover all your necessities and all your demands with respect to your bedroom. The “And So To Bed” company was founded more than 30 years ago and it is a specialist in antique beds. You can find plenty of traditional beds, manufactured by excellent designers specialized in hand made and hand finished beds. In this company the imagination meets the quality and the result of their work can charm each one. Take a look and find your favorite bed choosing between the big collection of luxury, handcrafted and traditional beds to enrich your bedroom. I am sure that if you are a furniture’s engraving lover, you will be passionate from these beds!

Brodsworth Bed in Gold Leaf/Silver Leaf

This wonderful, hand-carved bed, is an English country style bed, that refers to a romantic and luxurious atmosphere.

Versailles Upholstered Silver Leaf Bed

This is a French style bed with elaborate carvings, cabriole legs and swan-neck posts. Its headboard can be upholstered in luxury silks or your own fabric selection.

Dickens Nickel Bed

This is a  polished nickel finish bed, in a Victorian style that is made to attract you with its luxury style.

Nautilus Silver Leaf Bed

Have you ever dreamed a bed like this? It is a sleigh style bed and it is featuring carvings of fish scales, shells and scrolls. It is crafted from mahogany and it can be finished in luxurious silver leaf, gold leaf or polished mahogany.

Floral Caned Bed

The Floral bed is a finest romantic style bed inspired from Marie Antoinette’s furniture collection and it can be painted according to your personal preferences. The impressive headboard can be also upholstered with your favorite fabric.

Juliet Caned Bed

The Juliet Caned bed has a welcoming romantic style inspired by the Rococo style of the 18th century with great details in the headboard and in the legs.

Gothic Four Poster Bed

The Gothic Four Poster bed has an aristocratic and luxurious style with its wooden roof that can be decorated according to your preferences.

As you see the variety of traditional handmade beds is enormous so that you can choose your personal style of bed. A collection of authentic and unique bedroom designs is waiting for you, for memorable nights!


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