Do you Take your Laptop in your Bed?

The bed is the kind of furniture that is used for our sleep and for our body and mental relaxing. It is the place where we leave our strongest emotions and passions ascend. It is the best erotic tool for the lovers. The phrase: “I want to take you in bed” is a common tagline that remains indestructible at the time. Nowadays, this tagline tends to change with regard to the recipient. Until now when somebody was saying this phrase, most probably he was addressed to the wanted woman. Today there are some people that look their laptop and they think: “tonight I will take you in bed”.

Cassie Ventura Laying On Bed Working On Laptop

This happens to the workaholic people who they think that getting up from their bed, dressing and going to their desk will make them waste time from their job. A study of 329 British workers, found that 1 to 5 employees work from their bed for about 2 to 10 hours weekly. And this happens because the laptops and the mobile devices make easy for somebody to bring the office work in the bed.

The resources show that not only the work from home, but also the work from bed meets a high increase. According to The Wall Street Journal, a study conducted by software company Good Technology, showed that from 1000 workers the 500 said that they check their e-mails from their bed. This comes also from the different time zone of the countries and forces the employees to prearrange their alarm time according to another country’s time so that to be able to reply on their e-mails in time.

work on bed

The cold nights of the winter, the noise from the strong wind and the non-stop rain that comes from outside, the warmth of the duvet and the comfort of the pillow beckon more and more the workaholic to take their laptop in the bed. Scientist resources have mentioned that transforming our bedroom to our office room may cause aberration to our sleep as if we connect this room with our mental stimulation instead of our relaxing.

Working from home makes people to be more unsocial instead of working in a real office that will be in contact with people in a daily base. But working from bed make them tingle from the stillness and are engaged to wear their pajamas 24 hours per day. One reason that specialists don’t indicate this habit is because of the body’s wrong position. Sitting on the bed, forces our head to bend in front. This has as a result to block the blood supply to the brain and decelerate the processes of the thoughts and the response times.
Even if for some people, snoozing, sleeping and having sex is the only reasons that will make them visit their bed, for some other –big brains like Thomas Hobbes, Churchill and Leonardo DA Vinci, the bed was the place that makes them more productive and creative.
If you belong to the second category of people, you can furnish your room with some useful items that will make your bed-work easier. The industries of  laptops and computers have found lots of solutions to make this kind of work easier, considering that the work from home, increases day by day. So take a small idea of some products that may help you work better from your bed, if this is something you don’t want to loose!

Ergonomic Laptop Stand-Slash-Tray



Laptop stand for bed

laptop desk bed table

Plastic Laptop Table

Some people find this way of working more easy and productive, whereas some other finds it unprofessional because they think that it’s difficult to be concentrated in horizontal position and it is easier to feel sleepy and tired. Really! What is your opinion? Are pro or against about working from bed?


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