Take Advantages of a “dead” Place!

The storage is a problem that concern a lot of people especially those that live in a small house. Even if the house or the apartment is composed of two levels, the space may not be enough to host all the needs of the owners. In this case there are a lot of ways to take advantage of the space that is created under the stairs. In a previous post of mine, I gave you some ideas of how to save more space in your home by putting your kitchen under the stairs. Well, this is not the only way to save more space.

What happens when it comes the moment to configure your rooms and you find out that there is no space to place your desk? A very practical solution is to situate your desk under the dead place of the stairs. Here are some ideas that maybe will help you do rethink that the place under the stairs is never dead!

Create your working space along the stairs, make some cabinets, some shelves and some drawers and your office room is waiting for you!

If you love reading I guess that you would like to find also some storage place for your favorite books. This is a great idea to host your desk and your best “friend”. Bookshelves are never enough for the lovers of reading but you can start with this one. Take your time to read, get inspired and be creative using this desk idea!

Make this corner your favorite one! This is a small corner office that doesn’t offer a big work-surface but it is big enough to keep you organized! The drawers are always useful to enshrine important files and this idea provides  lots of them.

I love this desk idea! I like it, not only because of the minimal style but also of the color combination. The white desk with the dark brown chair and shelves create a pleasant work atmosphere. The surface is big enough to work on it while the cabinet on the left and the drawers on the right make the storage space bigger.

Clever ideas as well! On the left picture you can see a multi-work surface and a nice way to have a place that don’t need a whole room to host it. In the right picture there is a small work-surface with some necessary shelves that helps to put things for later use.

This is when we say: two in one! You can divide the place under the stairs and create two different desks for various uses. If you don’t need an office, you must definitely need a place to store your notebooks or the magazines. They need their place too!

Put a desk just to have only what you need! Your laptop, your chair, your personal cabinet and some photos of your favorite persons, is all that you need to work pleasantly.

As you see you can accommodate a whole room under the stairs. It is a perfect solution to work in a privet and quiet ambience. Just close the door and you have your personal place.

I like the style but personally I would change the color. This is a great idea to storage different kind of adornments while you have also a plenty space to work. For the lovers of the black color this is the most appropriate solution.

source: homedit and houzz


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