Soapstone: the Best Material for Your Surfaces!

The Maine Soapstone company is a family-owned business located in Nothern Maine, where you can find all about soapstone. Soapstone is a very resistant material, suitable for any kind of surfaces. It can resist heat, acid, chemicals and stains which makes it the best choice for your kitchen or your bathroom surface. You can easily cover the surface around of your stove as if it can stand a pan taken-off the stove or a baking dish taken-off the oven.

As the specialists say: “it can safely be exposed to much greater heat than a conventional oven could ever produce”. The variety of colors and textures make it more popular as if it can very easily be combined with any style of decoration. Some types of soapstone may be scratched relevance to some other, but this is not a problem because the easier a scratch may appear the easiest can be removed. To remove a scratch from a soapstone surface, you can use steel wool or sandpaper.

The soapstone is also suitable for your bathroom as if acids and chemicals cause no damage to such a surface. You can choose soapstone vanities, soapstone sinks or slabs for your home and don’t miss to try it also in fireplaces or around the wood stoves as if its resistance makes it the most appropriate material for these.

soapstone around fireplace

To clean the soapstone surface you drop a few drops of dishwashing liquid in a bucket of hot water and you wet with this your sponge and wipe the soapstone surface. After that, take a dry cloth to take away all the sudsy residue has left on it. For more details of the soapstone’s cleaning you can read: “How to clean soapstone surfaces”.

wood stove with soapstone

If you just start building your new home, make a small research about this unique material and be surprised from its durability and its easy use. If you already have tried this material, let me know if you are satisfied or not by leaving your comment!


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