Make Your Home’s Entry more Impressive!

When it will come the day to decide how your home will look like, you will be concentrating on how you will make it cozier and functional, is it right? You might want to offer the best ambience to you and your guests. You might buy comfortable furniture and you might paint the walls in pleasant hues. What about your entrance? Have you ever thought, what’s the meaning of the entrance? Well, the entrance is not only the place where you welcome your visitors. It is the only place that welcomes you and your family. And I am not talking only about the main entrance, I am talking about all the entrances of your home where can get you and your family in your home. I mean also the garage entrance or the side entrance.

It is very important that you have insured the easy entry in your home not only for your guests but also for your family. Here are some useful ideas on how you will make your entry more amiable for you and your guests:

Choose the right position!

When you start building your house you have to pay attention to the cardinal points. This will help you to not put the entrance to look to the northern or to the southern point. Avoiding this you will avoid also the strong wind while you are going to get in or to come out of the house. If there is not the possibility to do that, because of the position of the land, at least try to make a big pavilion that will lead you and the guests to parking area and protect them from the weather.

Create a pleasant entry!

When you are going to enter your house, it is probably that you hold a lot of things, like keys, gloves, hats, bags, laptop, shopping and coat. If you aren’t seen to make a special place for these, you are going to put them here and there creating a mess. This is also a problem for your guests, where they come in your house and they don’t know where to leave their personal items. The best solution is to put a port-manto on the right or on the left side of the entrance where your visitors can leave their personal things. Another solution is to make a direct access from the entry to the clothes closet or to a secondary room. Be sure to separate this access with a door and not to be visible from anyone.

Garage or side entry!

home with garage

A lot of houses have a secondary entrance that is used for the family’s daily access into the house. In this case, they use the main entrance only when they have to welcome their guests. These entrances allows for the members of the family to enter the house from the garage or from the garden. If you have also a secondary entrance take care that it is empty of fetters that will block you to enter home. It is also very important to create a direct access from the entry to the clothes closet, to the bathroom or to the laundry room. Be sure to separate them with a door so that not to walk through the laundry to get into the house.

As you see it is very important to take care about the entrance of your house not only for the visitors’ impression but also for your comfort and your easement. What is more impressive than a nice entrance, finally?


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