Get up earlier and catch the day!

We all like to snuggle in our bed the morning. Especially the winter time when we hear the rain and we know that outside it is terribly cold, we close the alarm and we say: “five minutes more”! And the five minutes become ten and the ten minutes become fifteen and when it is finally time to get up we are in a hurry to catch the day! We start our day under stress and we don’t enjoy our morning time in our home. Some people have to catch the bus to go to their jobs, some others have to catch the morning traffic so that to be on time to their offices and some other have to prepare their children for school. We all have to catch something. But finally the time is catching us. Have you ever thought that if you get up half an hour before the usual, everything will be easier? Yes, this is true! This half an hour will make the difference! And I am telling you this from my experience. Before I start running this blog I was getting up at 7.30 pm and I had to leave the house at 8 pm. Now, I wake up at 6 pm (and sometimes at 5 pm) and I really enjoy the quiet of my house and I am always on time! Here are some things that you can do if you decide to wake up half an hour earlier. Try them and you will see that doesn’t worth to be in a hurry every morning for half an hour!

1)      Drink your coffee in a quiet ambience! This is my favorite moment from all the day. I like to enjoy my coffee before the children wake up. Drinking my hot coffee without noise and looking the rain out of the window is the best way to start my day. Try it and you will see that I am right!


2)      Get informed about the last news! Some people like to watch the news on TV, some other like to read them online while some other likes read them in the newspaper. Whatever! Take your time and get informed by each of the way you prefer. You don’t need more than half an hour to have a glance at the last news so that to know what is going on around the world.


3)      Reply to your e-mails! If you don’t have e-mail just ignore this paragraph. But if your job demands the e-mail replies then this time of the day is the most appropriate. You will be fresh, with a clear mind and you will concentrate on what you have to write for your replies. You see? One job less for your office!


4)      Check your agenda! Some people, just like me, need to have a plan for what they have to do. Shopping, bills, an engagement to the doctor, an appointment for meeting and so on. Well, half an hour is just enough to have a look to your agenda and organize your whole week! Write down what you have to organize and note what phone calls you need to do. Believe me that you will be more calm for the next five days.


5)      Prepare a luxurious breakfast! As you know the breakfast is the most important meal of the whole day. So, wake up, make your coffee and prepare a delicious meal for you and for the rest family. When you will be ready wake them all and enjoy a tasty family breakfast. Be sure that the whole family will be grateful to you after all and maybe they will try it also once for you!

cream cake very sweet

6)      Prepare the lunch! Most of the women that work every morning, are getting nervous when it is time for the lunch. When they return back to the home they have to cook for the family, to eat, to wash the dishes and after to rest a little bit. Have you ever thought to cook before you leave for your job? I know it sounds hard but  think that when you will return back to home you will have more time to rest instead of start cooking after a stressed day in the office. If the morning cooking still sounds hard to you, think about of making only the preparation, at least. If you get used to it you will keep doing it every morning.


7)      Make up yourself! Once I was stuck in the traffic and as I return my head from the right side I saw a woman in her car to put mascara on her eyes while she was waiting for the green light. If you don’t want to happen this to you, wake up earlier take your time, make up yourself and start your day with confidence and in a better mood.stockvault-makeup-kit109559

8)      Water your plants! Sometimes we don’t give big meaning to small things. If you have plants in your verandas or in your garden, the morning is the best time to water them. When the day will come up they will not be thirsty and you will be happy that you had the time to take care of them.


9)      Go for a walk! Finally is Sunday. You don’t have to go to the job. Is the best day for relaxing and take care of yourself. Wake up, wear your sport shoes and go out to walk and to breathe the fresh air. Half an hour is enough to wake up your body and full your batteries for another stressed week. You are going to feel like you were on holidays.


I hope that you enjoyed this post! Implement some of these tips (if not all) and feel free of the time. Catch the day before it catches you! Let me know if these tips worked for you, through your commends!


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