Armchairs Before and After!

Today I would like to share with you some ideas of old vintage armchairs that have been refreshed and transformed into a new piece of furniture. This is a nice solution for the people that have not the economical possibility to buy new furniture or for the people that don’t want to part from their favorite antic pieces but they are bored of the same image. Our furniture and especially the armchairs and the sofa are getting abraded and they often need a makeover.

Most of us are traversing a difficult economic period and this kind of refreshing sounds really good for this category of people.

The old antique furniture has a bigger value and resistance than the old one. My opinion is that we have to protect this furniture and to keep them like our diamond. If your grandmother has left you one or two old fashion armchairs, you belong to the lucky people. Take a second look and assess the situation of these chairs. If its situation is good you don’t have to change anything. You can earn 1 or 2 years until its refreshing. But if it calls for reparation and refreshing don’t do like you don’t hear it. Find a nice fabric and a man who is going to recuperate the whole reconstruction of your furniture. You are going to be impressed with the result. Have a look to the  photos further down and get inspired by the colors and the refreshment.


As you see, refreshing an armchair will gives you the opportunity to have a new piece of furniture cheap and easy. Do not hesitate to share with me any of your furniture refreshing.

source (designsponge,  homedit, apartmenttherapy,kyti)


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