I love magenta!

Hello to everybody! Oh, yesterday was the day of cleaning. Finally I found a little bit time to tidy my house after the Christmas holidays. You cannot imagine how many useless things I throw out of my children’s room…. and clothes…. and shoes that were not their size anymore. I wonder why it takes a whole day to clean a room but it takes only a few minutes to be as it was before? I would appreciate if somebody could answer this question.


Anyway the point is that after I put everything in order and I was ready with the sweeping and the wipe I realized how  much I love the magenta color and I felt the necessity to share it with you! Yes, magenta is my favorite color and I have sent it over to my two daughters as well! The strange thing is that I will never buy a garment in this color for myself. But I like to dress my daughters with this color.


When I decided to paint their room I wanted to use magenta like a crazy but I couldn’t do it in the whole room. Of course I couldn’t compromise myself with something less! So I decided to paint the half wall from the middle and down with this color and with yellow color the rest of the wall. I find the yellow a shiny color and I wanted to bold the difference. ! The chest of drawers is a piece of furniture that I had bought before I paint the room and I can’t separate it because of the big storage space that I really need in this room.


What about the shelves? Well I decided to buy white melamine and to make them by myself. But I didn’t want a white back for that so I left the back free and I just painted this part of the wall with magenta too. I added a small carpet in dark pink as well and that’s it! The magenta room is ready!






Well, as you see the combination magenta-yellow is my favorite. I hope that you enjoyed this post and see you again!


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