A luxury house that amounts to $ 4 million!

You probably have seen a lot of times a luxury house with a lot of bedrooms, generous kitchen, spacious bathrooms and enormous verandas. But I am sure that you don’t see every day, a house with such a view. This is a four-bedroom house overlooking the Lake Oswego and the Mount Hood. The price of this house amounts to $3,990,000.


Entering into the foyer, where the dining room is placed, you are coming up against the compelling dining table, which is wrapped of the ten attractive chairs. The black and white Italian marble floor separates the foyer from the rest of the house whereas the grand stair that it is situated opposite from the dinning room shows that the paradise is continued upstairs….!

living room

Next to the dinning room is placed the sitting room which is decorated with a rounded white sofa and a big stool instead of a coffee table. Opposite from the sofa there are two armchairs in the same color of the dining chairs. On the right sight of the sofa and in the middle of the armchairs are standing two marvelous handicraft marble tables. The marble floor of the sitting room is a dark brown color with cold splashes and it is covered with a beige carpet.


The kitchen is in white color and the three entrances make this room the central point of the house. The standing surface of the kitchen is covered with black and gray marble and the surface of the counter is covered from beige granite. The four high white chairs and the wooden floor complete the simplicity and the elegance of the space.


One of the contiguous rooms of the kitchen is the one that brings together the whole family. This room is decorated for daily use and consist of two brown, comfortable sofas a rectangular coffee table and a stone fireplace. The wall of this room is covered of bookshelves and the enormous glass doors expose the view from the patio.


The master suite of this fabulous villa has all the amenities that suits to a luxury bedroom.  The wall that sits behind the bed is covered of an enormous mirror whereas the whole floor is dressed in white carpet. In the room there is a sitting area with a fireplace whereas it carries also a privet and wonderful bathroom.


The bathroom of the master suite is a masterpiece. The tub is placed under the big size window that looks the wonderful Lake and the shower is hedged in glass. The floor, the tub and the shower’s wall are covered with marble and the numerous windows leave the natural light and the fresh air to get in for a healthier ambiance.


The exterior place of the house gathers all the enthusiasm of the visitors. The blue stone fireplace with the stoned background is advisable for imaginary friendly parties but also for quiet family nights. Sitting there and marveling the sensational view over the Lake Oswego and the Mount Hood is all you can ask for your life.


It is not only the design of the house but also the view that transfix you. Don’t you think so?

source (nytimes)


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