Musical decorating ideas!

The decoration of our home, a lot of times, is influenced from our favorite pastime, our personality or even from our job! As I report in a previous article of mine “Our home is the mirror of our soul”!

For example if you are a constant writer, the books will be your favorite pastime, so it is predictable that your home will consists of a lot of shelves fill with books and authors’ collections.

If you are passionate with football, the most probable is that your favorite place/room will be full of football players’ wall posts, your shelves will be decorated of football cups or ball miniatures.

What about if you are a musician or if the music is your hobby? Musicians and artists in general, give their heart and their soul to the art. They carry their love everywhere they go! And in the particular case, the musicians are so committed to the music, so that they can use music instruments as the main decoration of a room.

Piano, classic or electric guitar, drums, synthesizer, CDs collections or even old time record players are some of the elements that you can find in a musician’s house. The walls may be covered with pictures with gold discs of favorite singers or any other painting, relevant to the music.

If you are also a passionate musician, but you still haven’t found the decoration style that suits you, have a look to these excellent photos that I have collected for you and get inspired from these.

Whichever is your music preference, be sure to find the appropriate decoration style for your place.

Let me know if you are a fan of contemporary, traditional or classic music. I look forward for your comment to find out if you found this post interesting and useful.


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