Choose the Perfect Bathroom for Your Children!

Who said that the children don’t deserve to have their personal bathroom? Not only they deserve it but also they can choose their personal style. This collection from the Swedish company “Laufen” is the perfect choice for the children that know what they want and they demand it.

The characteristics of this collection are the wonderful and the clear colors in combining with simple and minimal lines. “Agatha Ruiz” and “FloraKids” are the designers of this specially shaped collection that you and your children are going to love. The practice, the elegance and the romance of these bathrooms are going to be printed in your child’s mind.

Escape from the common design and dare to decorate your kid’s place with a colorful and attractive bathroom. The children love the colors and this is an ideal way to explore their imagination choosing from the various and colorful subjects of this collection.

You can hang them from the wall or you can even put them on the floor whereas the small wheels make them more functional and prime. The rounded corners and the small shapes are the main feature that shows that this furniture is completely safe and well studied to be used from the children.

Let your children have their personal style by choosing from the plenty variations between sinks, mirrors, basin and baths and complete the decoration with the appropriate carpet and curtain. You can choose the heart or the flowers theme for the girls and the star them for the boys. Be sure that whatever your choice might be, the fresh and the shiny colors will excite not only your children but also you.

(photos by design-remont)


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