Living in a Log Home!

living in a log home

When you live in a log home you want to enjoy its architectural design and its cozy atmosphere. Living in a log house is a daily adventure and the daily contact with the nature make this adventure more attractive. It’s the smell of the wood, the warm of the fire and the rain on the roof that makes it more attractive. If you are a lover of the nature for sure you will love also this kind of house.

The height ceiling and the sense of spaciousness is the main feature of log homes. The combination of natural materials, like wood and stone, create a magnificent ambiance. The different log style shapes influences and reinforces the look.

A lot of people even if they like this style of housing, they feel very hesitant to go on building such a house and this is because they afraid of the stability but also the durability of the wood. At this point I would like to inform you that there are a lot of producers and companies that are studying and practicing the characteristic of the wood so that to offer the highest quality to their clients.

The stability of the log homes is based on the log’s horizontal interface surface-the surfaces on the top and bottom of the log where they are connected to each other. These horizontal surfaces carry the structure of the house.

luxury log home

The forests where the trees for the log homes are growing have extremely hard weather conditions and the trees are growing slowly. This is the reason why these special trees are tough, solid and offer a high quality of fire door and insulation. The energy saving is one more feature of the log houses as if they have the capacity to reach the desirable temperature in a short time and to  keep the heating for a lot of hours.

The wood is a live organism that respires and this works as a natural air condition. The scarcity of the dust and the humidity in the interior of a log house is a fact and it provides a healthy environment for allergic people and not only.

log home kitchen with modern amenities

The maintenance is another advantage of the log homes as if the exterior servicing can late 4-5 years whereas the interior 30-35 years. The different color hues of the wood make it more resistant to the dirt of the smoke or of the daily touch and also its natural cut can make the hitting invisible. This is the difference between a wall made from cement and a wooden wall.

There is no limit for the decoration of these kind of homes as if anyone can adjust a traditional or a modern style in the interior according to his/her preferences. Even in common houses we can see the traditional style meet the modern one and almost always the result is awesome.

awesome log house

Living in a log home you enjoy the best quality of the life only by looking around you and look at the brown color of the wood. Open the windows and breathe the fresh air. Stay silent and hear the noise of the rain. Go out, look the skyline and let your mind travel around the world. Isn’t it a wonderful way of living?


One thought on “Living in a Log Home!

  1. I’ve always thought a log home would be wonderful. Growing up my parents had a log cabin in the Upper Pennisula of Michigan and I loved staying there in the summer. It seemed so much freer than when confined to modern housing. Thanks for such a wonderful jog of my memory.

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