Hoxton House in London

Hoxton house is a typical 19th Century terrace home in England designed by the architect David Mikhail. This house is a great illustration to show us that the limited-squared houses can very easily transform to small mansions. Figuring out the small space, Mikhail customized only the necessary furniture to the house, so that not to narrow the spaces of the rooms.


The white kitchen is located underground in a semi-basement under a ceiling height of only two meters. A small courtyard is laying in front of the kitchen as an extension of the house and the place where the owners can enjoy an outdoor time passing. The light color and the minimal lines of the kitchen abstracts the scarcity of the squares and makes the place look bigger. Between the courtyard and the kitchen is placed the dining area that provides comfort and relaxation and it is the place where the couple who own the house can prepare a brilliant dinner for them but also for their friends. The wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling windows offer to the space more light and clearer atmosphere.

Walking a little bit further from the kitchen, you will meet the bathroom. The bathroom is located under the stairs and by this way the architect managed to save more space for the rest of the house. The stairs lead to the sitting area with an open view of the kitchen and the courtyard. The wooden floor and the delicated furniture make the space look larger and the double glasses that are set on the sides of the sitting room create the sense of the interior balcony and this is a great way to consume the limits of the place.


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